Friday, May 24, 2019

The Aces Casino Blog: It's Time To Get Back To What We Do Best - Either Finding Interestingly Irreverent Stories, Or Posting Our Favorite Videos

From the Blog team here at Aces Casino Entertainment, long known as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, well, it's time to fess up and be honest with you.... 

We've been lazy.

We took another 3 month vacation from "writing" our goofy blog, while we put in extra time in the casino party company end of things.  (Ed. Note: I can vouch for that.  Those dopes WERE working quite hard, lately.)  

Fortunately, the word came down from the bosses here at Aces Casino, those orange county casino night crazies -- "Get back to the Monday and Thursday posting, and take care of Honey, the company mascot."  

OK.  What, the dog picks another Super Bowl winner, and she gets the year off?

Whatever....So, to that end, we'll kick off the "re-launch" of the Aces Casino Blog with a video that is sure to touch the hearts of many an old-time comedy fan -- A "Three Stooges Montage!"  No linky-linky this time, it appears below for your perusal....

Still hilarious after all these years.

OK... For some reason, our "Blogger" system is giving us trouble as we attempt to type out the blog, so we'll cut the epilogue short, this morning -- We're back, we're motivated, and we've got a lot to write about after our long absence.  We'll see you Monday!

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