Friday, February 22, 2019

The Aces Casino Blog: What's THIS? Football Season is Over? No Problem For Us - It's ALWAYS "Casino Night Season" Here At Aces Casino!

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment (you know - those kooky orange county casino party crazies), we just LOVE putting on spectacular casino night events.  But -- There's one thing that we like to do even MORE than put on spectacular events.  And that one thing is, DISCOUNTING the cost of our orange county casino night parties!

Therefore, we'll take this moment to let all of our many readers in on a little secret.  Call Aces Casino Entertainment at our main offices in Whittier at 562) 943-5693, and tell them that you're having an event in May of 2019, and that you want the special discounted price for your event, no matter WHAT size casino night event you're planning!! And, then, we'll immediately chop $100 off your final price for your event!  Such a deal!

We'll see you on Monday, with more slightly kooky information.  Have a good weekend!

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