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Week 13 – A 12-Way Tie for Last


OK, if you were to tell me, before the Week 13 action in the DFFL commenced, that only FOUR teams would put up a single-digit score in WWIT, when the chips were on the line and all in, I would have told you that you’re crazy.

Wrong again, Aces.

The DFFL system went haywire, with red numbers all over the charts.  Could there even BE a winner in the Genius Division?  How bad did the WWIT finale shake out?  Did the Jags win a game six-to-nothing?  In 2018?  With everyone scoring in bunches?

Fear not, my friends – for today, ALL your questions will be answered.  (Except for that Jags / Colts abomination.)  It all comes together in one neatly-assembled gift basket, as we finish off the 2018 DFFL season in style, by asking that MAIN question….

 “What Was I THINKING?”

 When I saw that many of the DFFL teams blew up their benched lineups this weekend, I immediately went to find out how Anthony Pitassi of his Mr. Go Lucky franchise did.  Maybe he survived and put his opposition away.

Um… No.  Not good.  Big-time negative numbers.  Uh-oh.  Remember – MGL has been running away with this Genius trophy for weeks, now.  But with that ugly bench-score that MGL put out, Robert Abundis had a chance to steal the trophy away from Anthony with a medium-positive score in Week 13.

Alas, ‘twas NOT to be. 

Robert took a shot at the title, but when Isiah Crowell and Ryan Tannehill put up 17 bench points, that scuttled any chance of an 11th-hour rally.  And, with that, the game was over.  Anthony Pitassi and MGL is our 2018 Genius Award winner!

For the record in Week 13 Genius play, the silver medal went to the Mob Squad and Your Name Here, who lost 6 points to the bench, good for 5 Genius points each.  The bronze medal for Week 13 went to the Baltimore Ravens, who lost 8 points to their bench, good for 3 Genius points.  One bonus point winner went to Burbank, who finally replaced that non-playing Italian kicker.

Final stats in the 2018 Genius Division -


1.   Mr. Go Lucky (44.5 points) – Congratulations on a great season, Anthony!

2.   The Killing Fields (40 points) – So close, Robert.  We’ll see you in 2019!

3.   Your Name Here (37 points) – Best finish that Ben would have ever had, Ryan. Nice.

4.   Burbank Thumpers (34 points) – Another playoff contender in 2018.

5.   Bolts (33 points) – Lockett did it to you again, Jim!

6.   Run & Gun (27 points) – My pick for Genius Division Champion, 2019.

7.   Grim Reaper (24 points) – DFFL’s Top-Seed!

8.   Baltimore Ravens (23 points) – Defending DFFL co-champion eyes another trophy!

9.   Norsemen (22 points) – Tough loss vs. The Placentia Bolts, Rob.  See you in 2019.

10. Trojans (21 points) – I know Andy’ll bounce back.  Got every bad break in the book.

11. Mob Squad (15 points) – 2018 wasn’t your year, Jesus.  Better luck ahead in 2019.

12. Full Tilt Poker (8 points) – Laughable.  Lowest Genius point total EVER.

I’ll have to check if that 44.5-point total is the best score ever posted in the Genius Division, congrats to our new champion, Anthony Pitassi!  But - you know that we’re now done with the BEST players.  It’s time to check out just how bad the carnage was in Week 13 play in the ol’ DFFL.  EIGHT double-digit bench losses…. Anything could happen … Well, then – Let’s ask that famous question.


I remember thinking how badly I had messed up MY lineup settings in Week 13 (23 points lost to bench), that I HAD to be the big dope of the week.  Then, I looked at the other point totals, and discovered that I finished – FIFTH.

OMIGOSH!  Well, if I didn’t finish first, who DID?

None other than the man that needed a seven-WWIT-point total bench loss to finish in a flat-footed tie at the top of WWIT.

Jose Cano, of “Beautiful Downtown Burbank.”

Jose lost a total of 31 points to his bench in week 13 play, courtesy of Josh Allen (16), the Ravens D/ST (11), and his kicker, Hopkins (4), good for 7 WWIT points, and a tie for first place in WWIT.  This is Jose’s third WWIT title, and Grant Herman’s first.  Congrats to both of you, you deserve it.  (Wait, that sounds nasty.  And nice.  At the same time.)

Second place in Week 13 WWIT?  Anthony Pitassi, the Genius Champion!  (28 points lost!)  Third – Another shocker – Run & Gun!  (27)  Trojans and FTP got one WWIT point each, for not screwing up bad enough this weekend.

It was a crazy year.  Up is down, down is up, and I’m horrible at setting my lineups.  OK, let’s wrap this baby up!


1.   Dirty Birds (-33 points) – Half the trophy to YOU….

1.   Beautiful Downtown Burbank (-33 points) – And half of the trophy to YOU.

3.   Pop-Gun Run (-27 points) – What the hell is THIS?  Third place, Ron?

4.   Hoarse-Men (-25 points) – Knew he wouldn’t win this thing.

5.   Nameless Wonder (-24 points) – Was SURE that THIS guy WOULD win this.

5.   Tragic Trojans (-24 points) – Never in it.

7.   Worst Show on Paper (-23 points) – Fold that paper up, no dice.

8.   Grim Reeker (-22 points) – Playing too well to contend.

9.   Dead on the Field (-19 points) – Robert had a good run, also.

10. Fully Tilted Poker (-19 points) –23 points lost?  Hey, I TRIED to goof it up.

11. Mr. Not-So-Lucky (-15 points) – Genius Champ!

12. Dolts (-10 points) – Last place is a good thing, Commish!

Well, that’s all for this week, friends.  Good luck in the playoffs to all those that made the post-season.  “May your lineups be better than mine.”  (Ain’t Hard.)

As always, I have all the e-mails to ship out the parakeet paper every week, on Tuesday, normally around Noon.  Some of you don’t have Microsoft Office / Word?  If that’s the case, just check out the weekly WWIT at www.theacescasinoblog.com.  It’ll be there!  See you next year!

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