Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What Was I THINKING? Week Eight


Scoring is up! 

We’ll be sending out the latest copy of the DFFL record book later this season, but when you see it, make sure to check out the new records being set “left and right” when it comes to individual team scoring.  Red print is taking over the book!  That, and it looks like record-setting scoring binge has spread to the NBA, with Klay Thompson hitting no less than FOURTEEN 3-pointers in a game against the Chicago Bulls.

That’s right, guys – The DFFL is always ahead of the curve.  This reporter will be watching closely, to see if some of the season scoring records will fall, as well.  (It wouldn’t surprise me.)

All right… And, as Rick Grimes would say, “Enough of this!”  (The Walking Dead Reference, for those who don’t know Grimes.)  It’s time to find out who among us are the Rhodes Scholars of the DFFL, and who put their foil-wrapped burrito in the microwave again…. It’s time to ask that burning question…..

“What Was I THINKING?”

We begin, as always, with the Genius Division, A.K.A. the right side of the force… and right away, we can find the two Jedi Knights that tossed perfectos at their DFFL opponents in Week eight…. First, we have Andy Gillette of the Trojans, who pulled off the perfect score for the second time this year.  And, also, We have the Burbank Thumpers’ own Jose Cano, who thumped this reporter (AGAIN!) on his way to another 40-point win over Full Tilt Poker with another perfecto in 2018. 

We’ll give each of these fine fantasy football playas 7 Genius points each, plus two extra points for the perfect setting of the lineups.   

The silver Genius medal this past week goes to the current Genius Division leader, Anthony Pitassi, who set a positive-points lineup for the sixth consecutive week (2 points lost to his bench), good for five Genius points.  The Bronze Genius award goes to two of my favorite people – Grant Herman of the Ravens, and Jim Francis of the Bolts, who both lost just 3 points to their bench last week.  We’ll give these two guys 3 Genius Points each. 

On top of those efforts we’ve already mentioned, we had two more players that lost single-digit gifts to the bench – Alan Sullivan of the 6-and-2 Grim Reaper, and… (Are you sitting down?)  …And … YES, it’s true, Rob Mielke of the Norsemen has scored a point in Genius Division!  He only lost 5 points to his bench, good for ONE POINT!  (Ehhh, he’ll probably give it back next weekend, but hey, let’s let Rob celebrate!  You earned it, big guy!)

OK, here’s how they stand after Week 8 of the 2018 DFFL Genius Division….


1.   Mr. Go Lucky (34.5 points) – Six great weeks in a row for MGL.  Catch him if you can.
2.   Your Name Here (29 points) – Ouch.  Fell back a little, but he’s definitely in the hunt
3.   Burbank Thumpers (23 points) – Jose Cano making his move on the leader board
4.   Run & Gun (21 points) – Oooh, yeah, this one is gonna hurt, stay tuned
5.   Trojans (20 points) – Called it!  Andy was due for a perfecto.
5.   Baltimore Ravens (20 points) – Grant sweated out that Monday game, still alive here
7.   The Killing Fields (18 points) – He’s got 12 more points than I do, he’s a player here
8.   Bolts (13 points) – 156 points, and STILL lost 3 points to the bench.  What?  How?
9.  Grim Reaper (10 points) – All Alan does is win games, that’s all that counts.
10. Full Tilt Poker (6 points) – “Mister Irrelevant.”  Nothing to see here.
11. Mob Squad (4 points) – First the Dodgers, and now this.  Welcome to my world.
12. Norsemen (1 point) – Hold on to this point tightly, Rob. One bad move, and POOF!

Yet to score – (Holding this spot for the Norsemen – for now.)

So, it’s “bye-bye” to the GOOD players of the Genius Division of WWIT.  There they go, taking all of their Genius points with them… But, you KNOW that’s not the end of this sordid tale… Oh, NO, my friends.  There are some of us that should put down all those analytics sheets that deal with the DFFL and pick up a National Enquirer and check out the latest horoscopes.  Let’s find out who needs to start using those telephone psychics and ask THEM who to start.  It’s time to ask that oh-so-hard question….


(Sigh) You know, I always can rely on this group of us that always seem to goof up their lineup.  You know who I’m talking about.  Me, Alan, Rob, Jesus… The usual Suspects.

Not THIS week, my friends.  Not.   Even.  Close. 

The tarnished gold-ish medal for WWIT futility last weekend goes to none other than the man that’s been LEADING the Genius division for the first five weeks or so – Ryan Francis, of Your Name Here / LGJ.  Didn’t start Cam Newton, benched the Seahawks DST, and finally, Benched Peyton Barber instead of Kenjon Barner (strange how just changing ONE letter in the last name means so much), which ended up losing his game against the Baltimore Ravens by three points.  Bang! That will cost YNH/LGJ 7 WWIT points, plus two MORE WWIT’s for losing the game, as a result of the set lineup. 

The same thing happened to our Silver/WWIT medal for Week Eight.  Ron Bolton of Run & Gun started Geronimo Allison and benched Larry Fitzgerald.  Loss of 17 bench points in a 5-point win for the Mob Squad.  I know what you’re thinking – RON BOLTON?  He NEVER goofs up his lineup.  Well, it WAS just one player, but that’ll cost Ron 5 WWIT points, plus a minus-2 for the loss.  No worries, my friends – He’ll never win WWIT.  Everyone has one clanker of a week.  (I’ve had SIX.)  Good luck in Week Nine, Ron.  We know you’ll bounce back hard!

Bronze WWIT medal goes to Robert Abundis of the Killing Fields, who lost just 14 points to his bench, but he scores 3 WWIT points for what normally is a non-scoring total for just about any week.

Th-Th-That’s all, folks.  Week 8 is history.… Here are the full results for WWIT Week Eight, with all of it’s warts…. Check out how tight things are…SEVEN players within 7 points of the leader.  This 2018 WWIT year could get very interesting.


1.   Hoarse-Men (-22 points) – Stopped the bleeding, but still hanging on to the top spot
2.   Dead on the Field (-18 points) – His minus-3 tightens this bunch up even more
3.   Grim Reeker (-17 points) – Dropping in the standings is a good thing!
4.   Pop-Gun Run (-16 points) – From 10th to 4th in one week, still won’t be a factor here
4.   Tragic Trojans (-16 points) – Genius ‘perfecto’ stopped the Trojans’ rise in WWIT
6.   Beautiful Downtown Burbank (-15 points) – Told ya.  Perfecto last weekend.
6.  Nameless Wonder (-15 points) – It only takes one week to become a “contender,” Ryan.
8.   Worst Show on Paper (-14 points) – So close, yet so far, Jesus.  Stay down here with me.
9.   Dirty Birds (-13 points) – Never makes any mistakes!  (show-off.)
10. Fully Tilted Poker (-11 points) – The PK’s are killing me.
11. Mr. Not-So-Lucky (-10 points) – Anthony will fight Jim for last place here.
11. Dolts (-10 points) – Tough to screw up when your team puts up 156 points, Commish.

Well, that’s all for this week, friends.  As always, I have all the e-mails to ship out the parakeet paper every week, on Tuesday, normally around Noon.  Some of you don’t have Microsoft Office / Word.  If that’s the case, just check out the weekly WWIT at www.theacescasinoblog.com.  Have a good week!

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