Monday, April 2, 2018

The Aces Casino Blog : College Of Casino Game Knowledge Makes It's Triumphant Return In April With "Free Slots Mania" (Yes, Slot Machines!)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, known for it's ability to go from being the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, to the shill of slot machines from here to Russia (Ed. Note: Don't Ask.), well, we thought it was about time to display something new in the College of Casino Game Knowledge -- Those electronic bastions of casinos far and wide --

Slot Machines!

Now, although you may never actually see these coin-gulpers on the floor of any Aces Casino Entertainment casino night show, still these machines DO draw the crowds at many a casino in the state of Nevada.  So, we thought we've ignored these "pickers of casino friends' pockets" long enough.... So to that end, we're making the month of April "Slot Mania Month!"

That's right, casino fans.... All slots, all the time.  BUT - These are the best types of slot machines, for two reasons.  1) They're free!  No money changes hands, you can play them all you want, at no charge.  and 2) You don't have to leave your house to try them out!

So, Every Monday and Thursday in April, we'll be trotting out yet another faux-slot machine, to take for a spin.  We'll have 3-reel and 5-reel trainers, to go along with a video poker slot, and also, some slots that have special bonus games that trigger with certain combinations.  Total fun, and painless!

We'll start the ball rolling with a simple 3-reel slot that has "2X" and "5X" win payout possibilities.  We call it "2X/5X."  (Ed. Note: Wow.  That must have taken a long time to come up with.)  We start slow, and gradually introduce all types of slots.

Well, there you have it, my friends..... Episode 1 of Slots-Mania-April.  Com on back on Thursday, and we'll have a brand new game to try out.  Thanks for your visit, we'll see you on Thursday!

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