Monday, March 26, 2018

The Aces Casino Blog: This May Be Hard To Believe, But Aces Casino Is Preparing To Celebrate Their 25th Year In The Casino Party Industry! (It's True!)

I know... That Headline SHOCKED us, as well, here at the orange county casino party company industry.  "Aces Casino Entertainment - 25 Years In Business!"  Wow... THAT was a fast quarter-century!  (Ed. Note: Maybe for YOU, it is.  It's been a LOOONG time, on this end, dealing with all of you crazies.)

So, to that end, we'll make this Aces Casino Blog entry short and sweet -- Aces Casino Entertainment opened it's doors back in April of 1994, so we thought, "Let's pass along the celebratory feeling in the way of some DEEPLY discounted events for the month of April!"

Great idea.

For all of our many readers of the Aces Casino Blog, take note -- We started in this industry making the three-table casino night event our specialty, to for ALL of the Month of April, We'll knock $150 off of the normal price of ANY 3-table package!  We know, it's unheard of.  Hey!  We're the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast!  We're ALWAYS doing things that way!

So, from the company that has consistently been the industry innovator when it comes to this casino entertainment niche, let's share in the fun.  Call Aces Casino Entertainment today, and mention this super-special, and we'll get you on our event calendar with a great party package, at an unbelievable price!  Book fast, our calendar is already crazy!  

That's all for the parakeet paper this Monday, friends... We're back on Thursday with more drivel from our blog team.  Have a good week, we'll see you then!

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