Friday, March 16, 2018

The Aces Casino Blog: If You Look Hard Enough, You'll Definitely Be Able To Find Some Of The Strangest Stuff On The Internet. (We Knew That!)

Over here at Aces Casino Entertainment (You know - The award-winning orange county casino night party company!), we strive for greatness in every possible situation.  (Ed: Note: Is that why you broke the blog with that "Blast From The Past" redacted post yesterday?  Nice.)  Especially, those of us that write for this parakeet-paper Blog for VERY little pay.  (Ed. Note: Please refer to prior Editor's note above.)

That's why we decided to reach into the Aces Casino suggestion box... Frankly, for suggestions on how to dazzle the Aces Casino Blog masses (6?) with another scintillating Blog entry.  To that end, here are three things that we would NEVER have found on the internet, without the assistance from some of the crack team that IS Aces Casino Entertainment.

Suggestion #1 -- (Ed. Note: My Favorite) -- "Don't Hug Me - I'm Scared!"

This YouTube video begins as what seems to be a creative lil' children's song ... Until we get to the 1:30 mark, when the creepiness seeps in, and we find out later that the word "death" appears on the board.  There is something blatantly eerie about these (Yes, THESE) videos.  There are five more, including "Green is not a creative color."

Oh-My-Gosh.  There's FIVE MORE?

Suggestion #2 -- OMG Laser Guns

So, you ask yourself, what might happen if you equipped a squirrel with a laser gun?  Well, I suppose, THIS might happen.....


Suggestion #3 -- The Chin Piercing

No video, just the picture that may stay with you for a bit.  Actual photo, no photo-shop.

Don't believe it?  Here's the link.

Well, that should cause our friends at the top orange county casino party company on the west coast a few night-sweats.  Let this blog post forever take the place of the "redacted blog post" from now, into eternity.  We'll work on our "blast from the past" postings, and get them fixed.  Have a good weekend, and please don't pierce ANYTHING this weekend!

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