Friday, January 5, 2018

The Aces Casino Blog: January Is Upon Us, And That Means BIG-TIME Specials For All Of Our Avid (Huh?) Readers Of The Ol' Aces Casino Blog!

January?  Already?? Yes, it's true -- The Aces Casino Blog is officially another year older.  And, here at our friendly blog, we like to celebrate the coming of another year of casino entertainment services for our many clients here in the southern California area.  Trust me when we say that our client base is the best in the orange county casino night party industry -- Simply because our clients know how to party.

So, to that end, we here at the Blog are going to do something to celebrate the new year..... We're going to offer what HAS to be the best specials in our industry.  If you're planning to host a casino night party event on either Saturday, January 6th, or Saturday, January 13th, we will make you the greatest deal in the history of deals.

The first client to pick either of the above dates and call us with the magic discount word (we'll give it to you in a minute) can book Aces Casino, our orange county casino party company, for your three-table in-home event for just $495.00.  WITH DEALERS.  You pick the tables, we'll do the rest.  Try to get a better deal first... Go on, go ahead and try -- But when you call us, mention the code word "Pendleton," and you're in.  

Deal the cards, we're waiting!

You know, we'll probably do this NEXT week, too, but don't count on it.  Give us a call, and grab one of these two fantastic deals, courtesy of the craziest orange county casino night party companies around -- Aces Casino!

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