Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: Continuing Our Trip Down "Roller Coaster Lane," Here's Our #2 Entry In Our "Most Terrifying" Series! (No Fair Closin' Your Eyes!)

Here at Aces Casino, forever known as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, we have a lot of our favorite games -- Be it Ultimate Texas Hold-'Em, 3-Card Poker, Let It Ride, games like that.  We were recently asked by our esteemed Aces Casino Blog management team, " OK, tell us what you DON'T like, and put it right in your dopey Blog."

Well, the boss wasn't specific in that he wanted Aces Casino games on this list, so we came up with something that we all could agree that we did NOT like.

Frightening roller coasters.

So, after much research and consideration (Ed. Note: translated, that means 10 minutes), we came up with not one, but FOUR terrifying roller coasters located somewhere here, on Earth.  Next up - Our #2 entry, "GravityMaxX."

"Gravity MaxX!"

Uh, yeah, we'll definitely pass on this one, too.  Anything with "MaxX" in it, I'm passin' on.  OK...One more...CCome on back on Thursday, when we list our #1 most hated roller coaster(s?) in Aces Casino history, courtesy of those goofballs over at Aces Casino, the top orange county casino night party company in southern California.  We'll see you then!

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