Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: We Close Out Our Aces Casino Blog "Alternate Endings" Gig With a Winner -- A Whole NEW Idea With 1989's "Major League!"

As you probably know by now, if you've been an avid reader of The Aces Casino Blog, you know that Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company in southern California) is in LOVE with all things TV, reality shows, and the silver screen.

Movies, especially. 

So, when a couple of the Blog's top reporters (Ed. Note: No, no raises!  Quit asking me!) started to check out just how many pertinent alternate endings were floating around out there in cyberspace, well, they thought it was their duty to bring these very interesting alternate endings to some of our favorite films into the light of day.

And THAT'S just what we'll do.  (Ed. Note: Because you're PAID to.)

Next up on the Blog, we'll showcase an alternate ending to one of my favorite films - Tom Berenger as the veteran catcher, in "Major League."  The ending shown here was subsequently scrapped for something a little easier to believe from the main characters, but this is definitely a surprisingly good ending, in it's own right.  Enjoy, courtesy of those crazy guys and gals over at Aces Casino, the top orange county casino night party crew of the west coast!

Rachel Phelps - The First "Moneyball" Owner.

I was floored when I saw that alternate ending....Makes ya think...For a second. 

Well, just as fast as we got started with this latest list of all things movie, It's over.  We hoped all of our readers (Ed. Note: all four of you.) enjoyed this step off of the beaten path..... In October, it's back to the world of "Top Roller Coasters In The World."  We'll also check in with the film crew doing the Aces Casino Sizzle Reel, and see how that's going.  Thanks to everyone that submitted movies to check out - The Aces Casino Blog team loves all of you!  We'll see you on Monday, take care!

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