Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: Is Aces Casino Shooting For Their OWN Reality Show On TV? We Found This Blooper Reel (?) That Seems To Suggest Just That!

The Aces Casino Blog "Special Report" -- "Aces Casino Shoots For Reality TV Show Gig."

OK, now, it's tough to fool the staff here at the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment (You know - The best orange county casino party company on the west coast).  We knew something was going on, with that camera crew roaming around the halls, filming this and that, then, retreating to the Aces Casino "Studio" and closing the doors.

Yep, we can now verify what's been going on around here.  Aces Casino Entertainment wants their own Reality TV Show on cable television.

That camera crew has been around here for two months, now..... Suddenly, last Wednesday, they disappeared, never to return.  We're guessing that "principle photography" has concluded.  (Ed. Note: Either that, or they found some fantasy football draft to film.)  So, to that end, we thought, "Hmm..... Well, if there's footage to be seen, it must be on the companies' main computer database."  (Ed. Note: Oh, yeah, brilliant deduction.  Holmes and Watson have nothing on YOU THREE geniuses.)

Well, we snuck into the studio when the team was doing an event last Friday (The La Habra HS Annual Poker Tournament), and we've uncovered some footage that appears to NOT be part of the final version of whatever they're making.  We'll call this the "Aces Casino Blooper Reel."

We've found four different shots that we feel need to be seen.  So, to that end, we give you Episode 1 of "The Best of the Aces Casino Blooper Reel!"  (Courtesy of the top orange county casino night party company in southern California!)

This looks like it was shot over at the company that we go to, in order to verify value on various casino-type materials that come into our facility from time to time.  It would have been a pretty nice piece of footage for their highlight reel - Until the guy broke the nice man's machine by pulling too hard.... It's an ANTIQUE, goofus!  It's not a pinball machine that you can just 'Tilt' on command!  (hehe!)

Nice goin', Ace.  Next time, softer...SOFTER.

We called the company that this was filmed at... We've discovered that "no machine was harmed in the making of this film."  (Everything's OK, and We'll try to NOT beat on the equipment next time!)  We'll keep posting the bloopers we find, until they find out we hacked into their movie files.  If all goes well, we'll post "Blooper #2" on Thursday.  Stay tuned, courtesy of Aces Casino Entertainment, the best orange county casino party company in SoCal!

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