Monday, August 7, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: The Game Of Craps Uses Many Nicknames For Certain "In-The-Game" Dice Rolls... But What The Heck Is a "Brooklyn Forest?"

Here at Aces Casino, that place in Whittier that is also known as being the top orange county casino party company in southern California, we LOVE finding out answers to some of the questions that rest on the minds of our many (5?) readers....

Recently, a discussion at our main office ensued regarding the cute little nicknames that are associated with certain dice roll combinations... You know, nicknames like "Little Joe From Kokomo" (a roll of 3+_1, a fo'), or "The Eighter From Decatur" (3+5, or an eight-er...Grin).....

Everybody was getting a kick out of making a list of the best and funniest nicknames they've heard while playing Craps... So, being the internet goofs that we are, we started looking up websites that dealt with just this particular discussion, and found a lot of such sites!  This is The Aces Casino Blog at it's finest, my friends....

We found a great list that uses a spread sheet-form to look up some of the more interesting names... That chart is shown below, courtesy of the best orange county casino night party company in SoCal!

OK, now WHO knew that a Hard Six was a "Brooklyn Forest?"

I know what you're thinking..... Who's idea was it to come up with some of these "nicks?"  And - What do they MEAN?  Yeah, we get it - Some of these dice roll nicknames kinda make sense, when you think about it....

"Jimmie Hicks" is, a six.... OK, It's the rhyme thing....

"Ballerina" -- A two and a two..(A Tu-Tu..Get it?)

And MY favorite -- "The Australian Yo!"  (Ace-Deuce...Turn an ace-deuce over, and you've got an eleven.)

But then, all of us came to one on the list that we couldn't understand -- A hard Six, which was listed as a "Brooklyn Forest."

Huh?  What?  OK, seriously....What the heck is a "Brooklyn forest???  The gauntlet was thrown down, and we needed to find out why the heck a hard six was called the Brooklyn Forest.

So, first, naturally, we turned to CasinoPedia, a website that handles situations just like this.  We looked up "Brooklyn Forest," and found a spot on their site that says, "Brooklyn Forest Explained."  Here's the Link to CasinoPedia that we found... Unfortunately, their site that says "Brooklyn Forest Explained" DOESN'T explain it.

Strike one.  OK, next, we turned to another great gaming site, known as "The Natural Shooter."  Surely, this site will make up for CasinoPedia, and right this wrong by telling us what a Brooklyn Forest is.  Here's the Link to The Natural Shooter, which explained to us that "A Brooklyn Forest is a (Hard Six - Two Threes.")

Uhh, yeah, we knew that, already.  It's not like we here at the Aces Casino Blog doesn't waste enough time already in the office catacombs looking up goofy stuff on the 'Net.... But hey, this is serious - "We're gettin' nowhere fast!"  (Ed. Note: Our company motto has always been "This Beats "Working," but "We're Gettin' Nowhere Fast" is working it's way up the list fast, with THIS group of Bloggers.)

So... Here at Aces Casino, when we're hitting stone walls left and right when we're trying to get something done, we always go to whatever source that we KNOW will NOT let us down.  In THIS situation, there was only one man to turn to.

"Fat Tony" Palazzo, of course. 

Now, let it be said that, for many reasons, "Fat Tony" hasn't been a big Aces Blog contributor for the last six-plus years, but everyone has to start somewhere.  That, and "Fat Tony" is a born-and-raised Brooklyn-Ite.  If ANYONE would know why a hard six is a Brooklyn Forest, it's Tony-P., the "King of the Equipment Movers."

So, it took 9 seconds to find out the information we were looking for.  "Hey, Fat Tony - What's a Brooklyn Forest??" 

His answer?  "Youse guys don' know what a Brooklyn forest is?  Iz a hard six, 2 'Trees."

Tony P. went on to tell us that "they ain't many trees in Brooklyn, if ya 'no wha' I mean.  So, Two trees is a forest in Brooklyn."

Phh....Riddle solved.  We just needed to ask somebody with a Bronx accent.  For the record, from this moment on, a hard six is now called a "Brooklyn Forest," in honor of Fat tony Palazzo.  We're back with our continuing coverage of the best new casino games of 2017 on Thursday, when we take a look at one of the hottest new games of 2017 - Mississippi Stud!  Check it out, see you then!

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