Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: A Special Edition Of The Blog This Sunday -- We Are Lovin' Those Crazy Nicknames That We Hear Every Day! (Too Funny!)

When the staff here at The Aces Casino Blog was forced to miss some time away from the offices of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast (Aces Casino, don'cha know), well, we felt kinda bad that we had fallen behind on our duties here.... So, because of the feeling of letting this fine company down (Ed. Note: That, and they lost their monthly stipend for those two months), we thought that we'd like to make up those 17 missing blog posts every chance we get.

Today would be one of those chances.

Recently, we've had some of our loyal readers (5?) check in with us and ask about some of the crazier nicknames that they have heard from other casino players during events here at Aces Casino Entertainment.

Well, "Voila!"  instant make-up Blog post!  Consider this Aces Casino Blog post "Make-Up Post #2" -- Here are our top 5 craziest casino-based nicknames as voted on by the staff of The Aces Casino Blog, in reverse order!  (We do this to build the excitement!)  (Ed. Note: Oh, Puh-LEEESE. And where in Hades is "Make-Up Post #1??)

#5 -- "Jesse James"

This one cracked me up... It seems that some Craps shooters call a roll of Nine (specifically a 5 and a 4) call this roll a "Jesse James" -- Why?  Because, supposedly, Jesse James was killed by a 45-caliber pistol.  (And, no, son, I wasn't there when Jesse got shot.  He thinks I must be 125 years old.)

#4 -- "Department Of The Interior"

Another Craps phrase that some shooters use when betting the inside place bets (5-6-8-9).  Cute.

OK, seriously, WHO visits this place? (I'm on it., I'll find out.)

#3 -- "The Continental Breakfast"

One of our top Craps dealers (Vic knows who he is) uses this term during a shot when the shooter creates a point, then immediately throws a 7 behind it.  Victor immediately announces "that's a Continental Breakfast, Folks -- Two rolls, and NO coffee."  (I love that one.  Obviously, I don't carry much weight here, since my fave fell to #3 on the list.)

#2 -- "Ozzie and Harriet"

Well, anyone that rolls a hard eight signals the appearance of "Ozzie And Harriet" -- Two fours, a "Square Pair."  See?  Continental Breakfast is SO much better....

Ozzie & Harriet, A.K.A. "The Square Pair."

And the #1 Top Vote for "Best Casino Nickname or Jargon?"

#1 -- A Hobo's Delight on a Cold And Rainy Night"

Well, of course, it makes perfect sense -- That roll is a 12, my friends.  Two sixes... "Boxcars."  Get it?  (Laugh - Too Funny.  You Craps playas, I tell ya...)

That's all for "Make-Up Post #1 in the missing March / April Aces Casino Blog posts... We're back on-line tomorrow, as we continue our look at the top new casino games for 2017 and beyond.  Come on back, we'll see you on Monday!

(Official Ed. Note: I've been informed by the powers that be also known as The Aces Casino Blog Crew have listed Sunday, June 29th, as the official "Aces Casino Blog Make-Up Post #1."  That's robbery, but, then again, that's our Blog staff for you.  OK, this one counts as #2, boys.  15 more to go, you'll never make it.)

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