Monday, July 24, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog "New Casino Game Of 2017" Series Moves On To A Game That We Feel Is (In A Good Way) Incredibly Addictive -- "Crazy 4 Poker!"

Aces Casino Entertainment (Also known as the top orange county casino party company in southern California) has always prided itself on being the one company to turn to in order to find out what new casino games might be coming to a gaming establishment near you.  Hey, who DOESN'T love to check out the newest games?

Some time ago, it was determined by the powers that be that run this crazy orange county casino night party company that it should be the ol' Aces Casino Blog that does the honors in passing along the info you all were looking for.  So, to that end, it's time to begin our month-long game trainer series, with a twist - Our wildly popular "New Casino Games For 2017" series!

Last time out on the Aces Casino Blog, It was "Half Back Blackjack's" turn at the new game's podium." -  Next up, Courtesy of our friend, Michael Shackelford of "The Wizard Of Odds" fame, we take on a new-to-me game called "Crazy 4 Poker."  (Ed. Note: Had to admit, I got totally HOOKED on this game right from the start.) 

Crazy 4 Poker is a pretty simple game to play.... It plays against the dealer, and each player gets five cards, and must make their best 4-card poker hand.  There are two mandatory bets that the player must make to begin the game -- The Ante bet, and the Super Bonus bet.  Once you see your hand, you have the option of playing against the dealer, or folding.  The level of betting when playing the hand against the dealer ranges in a structured way, from 1X your initial play, up to 3X the play, in certain circumstances.  You can check this fun game out by using the link to the game trainer supplied to us by The Wizard Of Odds himself, shown below!

Play "Crazy 4 Poker" free, on this link!

That's all for now, my casino-game-loving crew.... Next up on the Aces Casino Blog, we'll take a look at what the "Wizard Of Odds" himself, Michael Shackelford, calls his top list of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" in the area of new casino games.  Then, on Monday, July 31st, we'll show ya  a variation of the aforementioned Crazy 4 Poker game, something called "4-Card Split."  That's next, brought to you by the fine folks at the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, Aces Casino Entertainment!  See you later!

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