Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog "Make-Up Post #3" -- Looking For Poker Odds? Without Question, We've Found THE Best Texas Hold-'Em Poker Calculator EVER!

Here at The Aces Casino Blog, we always look for two things when we get ready to post another piece of "informative" info for the masses -- 1) It has to be something that makes you go, 'Hmmm...,' and 2) we need to find out where we're going to lunch after we finish the post. 

And, not in that order.

So, to that end, first, we're going to Carl's Jr. for lunch, and second, without any further delay, we found the ULTIMATE Texas Hold-'Em Poker odds calculator on the planet.  Ever wonder the odds of flopping a flush?  (118-1, by the way.)  How about the odds of TWO playas flopping flushes?  For THAT answer, my friends, just check out the link below, and be amazed. 

Those of you that play Texas Hold-'Em religiously, well, we're guessing you'll mess around with this lil' ditty LONG into the night, and it's brought to you by the top orange county casino party company on the west coast - Aces Casino Entertainment(Ed. Note: AND, also, by Michael Shackelford of "Wizard Of Odds" fame.  Remember when you left Scott Roeben off the "Thank You" list?  Please don't do that again, "O ye of the eternal release forgetfulness.")

The Texas Hold-'Em Ultimate Poker Calculator, Courtesy of The Wizard.

So much for "Make-Up Post #3, my friends... Make sure and come back to The Aces Casino Blog tomorrow, when those boring dopes that cover all things casino bring you another "New Casino Games Of 2017" post. 

Yeah, actually, it's pretty interesting.  We love that "Money$uit 31."  It's a great game, look for a game trainer in our June archives somewhere, you'll love it, thanks to those orange county casino night superstars, Aces Casino.  We'll see you tomorrow!

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