Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: Thanks to Joke and Biagio, Aces Casino Proudly Presents 3 Of Our YouTube Video Segments On ONE Page! (Gee, That's Great!)

Here at Aces Casino (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast), well, we've always been interested in sharing the exploits of our wacky Vegas Night Casino Company with anyone that might be interested in just what we do (Ed. Note: Uhh, yeah, in the main offices, we like to call them 'prospective customers.'). 

Yes, it's true, that's pretty much why this dopey, irreverent blog was created in the first place.  Nothing gets by the collective brain trust of THIS fine company.  (Ed. Note: After SIX years of blogging, it appears we've finally made a break-through.  Huzzah.  Now, go and figure out how the printer in the hallway works, and we'll have made TWO "break-throughs."  Wow.  Just Wow..)

For about three months now, the powers that be here at the number one orange county casino night party company in SoCal have been exploring the possibility of bringing the crazy world of Aces Casino to the small screen as part and parcel of a new reality show. 

Since we shared that tiny revelation with our crew here at Aces Casino back in February during our annual team member holiday party (Ed. Note: Yes, we have to hold it in February.  Forget December, we're too busy then.), we've seen two interesting phenomenon take place --- 1) The entire team has been even MORE animated at each one of the events they attend, and 2) almost EVERY dealer has been dreaming out-loud about creating their own brand-new acting resume' and hiring an agent. 

Fortunately, that dream died off quickly.  Reason?  They're cheap.  They aren't paying for an agency to represent them.  Oh, and they are NOT actors, anyway.  Well, one might qualify, but no, that idea, like Elvis, has left the building.  We're now in June, and we're all back to our version of "Normal."  (Definition: "Normal:" (adj.) Wacky, eclectic, engaging, fun, talented.  No, "America's Got Talent" isn't calling you.  Just set up the venues, and deal the cards.)

So, to assist in the cause of getting Aces Casino discovered for the crazy-fun crew they are in one of the most interesting entertainment niches around, we've gone and submitted our reality-show idea to a pair of fun, energetic, and knowledgeable show producers we could find - Joke and Biagio, of Joke Productions - They of the popular YouTube / Twitter / iTunes podcast fame.  I won't go into their history, but take it from me - They're VERY good, and we like 'em.  Go check out their YouTube podcasts, you'll see.

"Joke" (Her Name) even gets top-billing for her image in this picture.  She's good.

Anyway.... Just like any TV production company, they're interested in seeing some video of our team of frustrated game show contestants in action.  Well, Joke and Biagio, this Aces Casino Blog submission is for you.  Now, I know....most of the videos show the team as a whole, and although our crew is always highly interactive with all of our guests, the sound quality of these vids doesn't allow the personal nature of the crew to come through.  (We DO create a high-octane environment.) 

For all of our team, don't worry -- We'll begin shooting video of all of you in a controlled environment right away, so the interested parties can hear you, as well as see you.  (Important Editor's Note For our Aces Casino Crew - We now have a tentative date for the shooting of our "Sizzle Reel" -- We're looking at Tuesday, July 11th, at one of our base facilities in La Habra. We will keep you team members posted.)

OK, here are some vids.....

At the 2:00 mark, that's Rick shooing away the camera.  Great TV.  That'll work.  (Not.)

And, just for reference, the cameraman has a history of being bad luck for the players when he comes over to a table.  Rick always shoo's us away, to save the players from "The Cooler."   (Long story, but true.  Whenever we show up with our tiny vid machine, players lose.  Great for fundraisers.  (Ed. Note:  Is "shoo's a word? No wonder you can't win at Words With Friends.)

Catal at Downtown Disney. 

Darwin, at the same Disney location.  We need to hear him, he's terrific.  Sound man!!

OK, hopefully, that'll whet the whistle of the powers that be until we can shoot some one-on-one with our favorite Aces characters.  Again, team, we'll start shooting by the end of the month, so we'll let ya know when we put out the casting call.  For those of you that follow the Aces Casino Blog, we'll be back on Thursday with a look back at some of the latest notes supplied by our cast in the Aces Casino Blog's "Suggestion Box" series.  Take care, and we'll see you then!

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