Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog "Sunday Special:" Identify The Item In This Picture, And Enter Our Drawing!

Sometimes, the Bloggers here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Also known as the top orange county casino party company in southern California) have this feeling every once in a while that they just HAVE to go that "extra mile" when it comes to their episodes here in the Aces Casino Blog.

Translation: They've found something that they want to post, but there's a problem with the Blog schedule - Meaning, every Monday AND Thursday for the next month or so is already spoken for.  No room for their "breaking news" report. (Ed. Note: Usually, a good thing, when you consider the source.)

To try and alleviate the Aces Blog traffic jam, we came up with a little game to play that we'll attach to this blog post.  The Blog team has found a picture of something that they believe will be tough for the Aces Casino Blog readers (8?) to identify.  If you think you can identify the item that is in the following picture , send your answer to our Twitter feed (@AcesCasino), and you'll be entered into our special drawing for a chance to win one of our beautiful 500-count poker chip sets!  What a deal!

OK, so, let's play.  Here is the picture, that was supplied (unknowingly) by the man that pens that super-blog from Glitter Gulch, Mr. Scott Roeben of "Vital Vegas" fame.  Thank you for the pic, Scott....OK, WHAT is it?

What is it? (No, Richie, it isn't Gamera.)

Send your guesses in to our Twitter account by Monday, June 26th, and we'll take all of the correct answers and their corresponding Twitter handles and put them in our raffle drum.  We'll pull out the lucky card on Thursday, June 29th, and announce it here.  How fun! 

Good luck, and send it your answers!  Oh, one more thing - Tomorrow, The Aces Casino Blog starts up with their annual "Best New Casino Games" Series, starting with Money$uit 31!  Come back tomorrow, and take that new game for a spit on our "Money$uit 31" game trainer, courtesy of Aces Casino Entertainment, that orange county casino night party juggernaut!  See you tomorrow!

(Ed. Note: Our Aces Casino Blog Staff has informed our corporate offices that the preceding Aces Casino Blog post qualifies as "Make-Up Post #1."  I know, who cares?  More on this "missing Aces Casino Blog Posts" thing later, in this Blog.)

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