Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: Proof-Positive That Reaching Into The "Aces Casino Suggestion Box" For Blog Post Ideas Ain't Necessarily A Good Thing (Duh!)

We all know that Aces Casino Entertainment has long prided itself in being the top Orange County casino night party company in southern California, but here's something else that the public at large might not know (unless you've visited the Aces Complex in person) -- That wacky, eclectic, "professionally irreverent" bunch of Aces Casino staff members also takes pride in what they call their need to be "asking the questions that need to be answered."  That's a good thing for us parakeet-paper scribes, especially when you need copy for an upcoming Aces Casino blog article.

Yes sir, just one quick trip around the Aces Casino offices, and you can get enough "blog-worthy" material for a month of Mondays and Thursdays, not to mention still another GREAT idea for a recurring blog theme to dredge up when the moment arises.  We thought to ourselves, "hey, why NOT ask the questions that need to be answered?"  We were SURE that when we installed that ominous "suggestion box" in the main hallway and asked for our crew to tell us what trivial situation was gnawing at them, something that they just needed to know the answer to, that they'd come through for the home team.

They did.  In SPADES.  No surprise.

So, without further fanfare, let's reach into the Aces Casino suggestion box and find out what's on the minds of the best orange county casino night team in the business (Ed. Note: Fasten your seat belts, this is NOT going to be pretty...) -- Let's check out the first three submissions that were found the Aces Casino Blog -- "What's on the mind of our crew?"  (And we're throwing out all 1,673 submissions that asked, "when do I get a raise?")

Submission #1 -- Who invented the Fidget Spinner?

We cleaned up the actual wording that we saw on the original submission...(I told you that this blog post would be off the rails in no time.)  Obviously, the crew here at Aces Casino is researching to find out how they can TOO create the next hot toy, so they can all retire and give up their life of luxury while "working" here.

Well, to answer the question raised by the suggestion box, it appears that the name of the Fidget Spinner inventor is Catherine Hettinger. 

Catherine Hettinger.  Smiling, because of her windfall, we're surmising.

Here's the link, which includes the phrase, "she heard about young boys throwing rocks at police officers and people walking past them while visiting her sister in Israel," which started her quest for an answer to this problem by attempting to invent a soft rock.

Oh, well, now THAT makes sense.  Soft rock = annoying, useless toy.  (Sometimes, I feel the need to take a baseball bat to the Aces Casino Suggestion Box.)

Update: Actually, it appears that the "Fidgit Spinner" DOES have it's critics, as noted here
As journalism goes, we go the extra mile here at Aces Casino.

Submission #2 -- Whatever happened with the land that was being used for the construction of SkyVue, a.k.a. "the world's largest slingshot?"

OK, that's a good question.  Avid readers (all 4 of you) of the Aces Casino Blog, also called "the parakeet paper," remember that, at one time, there was a "Ferris Wheel Race" of sorts going on in Las Vegas, a race to find out who could build the first huge observation wheel in Glitter Gulch.  The race was ultimately won by the fine people of the High Roller, now located behind the Flamingo Hilton property, as part of the tourist trap called "The Linq."

The Winner: The "High Roller."

The Loser: SkyVue, a.k.a. "Slingshot."  Circa 2013.

It appears that our crew was interested to find out if the two tall SkyVue guides are still there, sitting across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino..  Answer?  Well, the website is still up.  And, we discovered that some guy went out and shot 3 minutes of video footage of the 2 concrete pillars, dated 2016.

3 MINUTES.  No lie, here's the link.  (Sigh)

OK, but what about today?  What's going on at that long-since-abandoned job site?

Well, not much.  Google Maps has a shot from across the street from Mandalay Bay dated April 2017 that shows the two pillars are still there.  We went to the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada, and saw that the owner of the land is the same Mr. Bulloch from the old SkyVue days.... It's a "Stay Tuned" moment, inquiring minds want to know.  We'll find out at a later date, and make a way-too big deal about it when we find out.

Submission #3 -- Any new casino games out there that we should know about?

It's a wonderful thing when the training sessions that your company puts together are all about learning how to deal and play new games.  We have the best job in the world. 

Well, first off, we found one that we'll never be able to use in our "virtual" casino -- A new slot machine based on the DC character, "The Green Lantern."  Here's the footage that we found in regards to this new slot...

"Green Lantern" slot.  OK, he looks a little bored, and ticked off.

Yeah, no, we can't use that. Plus, ol' Greenie looks upset that he's been promised to show up on the slot machine screen.  OK --  How about new table games?

Funny you should ask.  Actually, we found one from our ol' buddy Michael Shackelford, a.k.a. "The Wizard of Odds," who has a new game called "Money Suit 31."

"Money Suit 31."  I know, It's tough to learn the game while Angela Wyman is there.

Money Suit 31 has a system of play that utilizes all four suits found in your normal 52-card deck.  We'll make a deal with you -- We found quite a lot of new games that might make their way to a casino near you come late 2017, so we'll start bringing those to the masses in our next series of Aces Casino Blog posts, including Money$uit 31. 

Oh, and get this -- Come on back to The Aces Casino Blog on Monday, and we'll set you up with a full game trainer for the aforementioned "Money$uit 31" that you can take for a spin, with fake chips!  No loss of wages!  Aces Casino Entertainment always goes the extra mile for our many (6?) readers.

So, that's all for now from the top orange county casino party company on the west coast - Aces Casino, of course!  See you next week as we start to look at all of the "Newest Casino Table Games for 2017" series!

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