Monday, May 29, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: From The "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction" File, Here's a Guy Suing Planet Hollywood Because.... Nah, That CAN'T Be Right

No one is better at being "Professionally Irreverent" (Ed. Note: A title deemed to us by the O. C. Register last year, when they rated us #1 in our industry) than us fine folks here at the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment, A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast. 

Well, at least we THOUGHT we were.

Dateline: Las Vegas- -- "Man Sues Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, Claims He Was Injured by Life-Size Mannequin!"

Is that him, on the roof?

OK, well, that's the topper of the day.  If this doesn't scream irreverent, nothing does.  Oh, yeah, here's the link, for those of you looking for corroboration.  No worries, we'll get our title back in a day or two, when the pictures come back in from that fundraiser bash at Saint Mary Start of the Sea Church in Oceanside.  What a fantastic event!  Kudos to all of the people out at Saint Mary.  Wonderful fundraiser...

Short blog entry today from the top orange county casino night company in SoCal.... Hey!  It's Memorial Day!  I'm going to the movies.  (Yeah, Pirates, there, I said it!)  We're back on Thursday with updates from this dope that got scared by a dummy.  We'll also touch base with Scott Roeben, our fave blogger out in Glitter Gulch, he of the "Vital Vegas" super blog / podcast fame.  From everyone here at Aces Casino, we say take care, see you then!

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