Monday, January 16, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: We Continue With Our (Not-So) Famous Aces Casino Entertainment "Riddle Series!" (Yes, So Who WAS The Killer, Anyway?)

It seems that the blog staff of Aces Casino Entertainment "Aces Casino Blog" has done it again - By accident, we've created another blog series that has captured the heart of our many (3?) blog fans, know around these orange county casino night offices as "The Usual Suspects."  This most recent endeavor is now-well-known as the "Aces Casino Blog Riddle Series!"  (Ed. Note: Catchy, ain't it?  Yeah, I know.  We don't pay by the word, is all I'll say at this moment.)

First, the answer to the riddle we so humbly posed last time out to amaze, amuse and confuse the masses..... If you didn't check that one out, go ahead, we'll wait, while you search diligently for our last riddle....
(Insert "Jeopardy" Them Song Here.)

Time's up!  Ok, Here's the Answer - Jason.  Remember, there's a clue about the use of a calendar.  The numbers given refer to the months of the year....6 = June, 4 = April, 9 = September, 10 = October, 11 = November! J-A-S-O-N!  Cute, ain't it?

OK, maybe not so much.  Come on, you loved it. 

That's it for now, Aces-Blog-a-holics....Remember - Give us a call as you're planning your February orange county casino night party, and we'll cut your cost by 20%!! Hurry, our Feb. dates are selling out fast! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Aces Casino Blog: Time To Dust Off The Ol' PC And Get Back To The Work Of Writing This Blog (With a RIDDLE?? You Have GOT To Be Kidding!)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we love to revel in the beauty of a good riddle.  (Ed. Note: just having jobs here at Aces Casino is a riddle all its' own.)  And, since our December rush has finally cooed off and we can get back to the task of putting on something less than 23 orange county casino night events in 24 hours' time.

Thank good ness for THAT.

So, to that end, we begin our 2017 Aces Casino Blog campaign in style -- With a series of riddles that we've heard at some point during our 2016 orange county casino party company series of events.  First up - Our "Aces Casino murder Mystery" series... Enjoy! 

Solve the case: A man got killed in his office. The suspects are Edison, Maxis, Jason, Janna, and Sofia. A calendar near the man has 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 written in blood. Who is the killer?

No, It's Not Dean Spanos.

The answer to this riddle, along with a new riddle for the masses to ponder, will appear on the next Aces Casino Blog effort, sometime next Monday.  In the meantime, please take a moment to give Aces Casino a call and mention this dumb blog - You'll get an instant 20% discount for your next February orange county casino party!  Take care, and we'll see you then!