Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: Nothing Brings Us Back To Work Faster Than Some Goofy YouTube Video Making The Rounds! (Yes, We Are NOT Surprised.)

OK.. So, the Aces Casino Blog team over at Aces Casino Entertainment (Also known as the top Orange County casino night party company on the west coast) has been on what might be called a long hiatus from the ol' keyboard (Ed. Note: "Long Hiatus?  You've been AWOL for almost two months!). 

Well, nothing can shorten our vacation quite like us getting our hands on one of the craziest rugby videos that we've ever seen.  We'll preface this vid by mentioning that during our 37-year run as season-ticket holders for the San Diego Chargers, we've actually thought about ways to help out the team in times of crisis.  But... we've never considered hopping onto the field to assist the cause.

And...even if we did... We'd probably be wearing the team colors.  You'll see what we mean.

So, to that end, here's how one fan went to the maximum to help out his fave rugby team during something called the "Clash Of The Titans."

"It's the worst thing to EVER happen!... (Uhh, or the BEST!)


AND ... What's funnier than THAT is the fact that the guy gets out of the way of the subsequent melee', and wanders off the 'pitch' without being noticed.  (Ed. Note:  If you're THAT guy, you have to be a little miffed that your birthday suit - plus the black socks - Nice fashion touch there, buddy.) Nice goin', dude - you didn't hold the attention of the throng at the game.

But.. Before we go, here's another one that we just loved, the minute we saw it.  Courtesy of Kevin Harlin, here's the "call of the week."

Where's Mike Curtis when you need him?

That's all from your friends at the best orange county casino party company in SoCal, my friends.  Back on Monday (Ed. Note: Yeah, right.) with more irreverence from the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment!

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