Monday, August 1, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: What Better Way To Get Back Into The Blog Groove Than To Show The Ultimate Battle Between 2 Cats and 1 Mouse? (No Betting!)

Ahh, yes, well, our vacation time here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Also known as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, don'cha know?) has apparently ended, so it's back to work here at the insanity ward.  Fortunately for all of us here at Aces Casino, our insanity ward is a blast to be a part of.  Therefore, it's "back to work" we go.  (Ed. Note: The companies' motto since their inception in 1994? "This Beats Working.")

We're currently in the process of blowing all of the dust off of the PC's, and finishing up with the renovation process on all of our new casino tables, which will begin to make their appearance beginning this weekend.  Hey - They don't call us the top orange county casino night in SoCal for nuthin'.  Ask the O. C. Register.  They're the ones that did it, not us.... Wel, maybe, we did.  Whatever...

OK, so... Here on the Aces Casino Blog, we strive to do what we do best - Provide funny, dopey, or goofy YouTube Videos as our mantra.  So, let's kick off the summer 2016 Aces Casino Blog season with this lil' ditty, something we call "One Mouse, Two Cats."  Place your bets, we're setting the line at Cats, 3-to-5, Mouse 6/5, 2 minute round. 

So close, yet so far away.  (Or not, get your bets in.)

Scintillating re-launch, wasn't it?  No worries, my Aces Casino brethren..... We're right back here on Thursday to chronicle one of our vacation stops  in July - The 2016 EVO Convention and Tournament.  It was something else, believe me, and we've got the pics and vids to prove it.  We'll see you on Thursday, take care!  

(Ed. Note: One more thing, before we go.... Aces Casino IS one of the top casino party companies here in southern California, and is VERY popular with our many clients.  As you can imagine, The 2016 Aces Casino Entertainment calendar is filling up fast, especially in August, September and December.  Please give us a call right away and let us hold a spot on our event calendar for you.  We want your event!)

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