Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: There's More In Las Vegas To "Thrill" You Than SlotZilla and The Voodoo Zipline - Check Out These 4 Amusement Park-Style Rides!

When the Blog staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company in SoCal) was thrown the task of covering the two main thrill rides in Las Vegas, their immediate response was, "which two?"

It seems that we didn't know we had opened up a can of thrill ride-worms when we asked about this... OK, so, there are a few more that we skipped over, quite by accident.... (Ed. Note: Wrong guy to ask about this topic.  He gets dizzy on Ferris Wheels.)

Problem solved.

To wit, from the orange county casino night party leaders, here are the OTHER FOUR Las Vegas thrill rides that caught our eye when studying this "thrilling" topic, and ALL of them found in one place -- The Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas.

#1 -- Sky Jump

Yikes, we have to start with THIS one?  OK, here's the premise -- You're standing in a cage atop the hotel's 108th floor, some 850 feet high.  Someone attaches a harness to you, and throws you out of the cage.  The good news is, that, there's a target on the ground floor that you'll hit, if all goes well.  Here's a sample of what this one is all about...

Uhh, yeah, I don't think so, Part One.

We'll give you another angle of what this looks like near the end of this Blog post.... Next up -- 

#2 -- "Insanity."

I'm guessing it's aptly-named.  1000 feet up, and this dastardly thing has an interesting twist...

Oh, my WORD.  I don't EVEN think so, #2.

#3 -- "X-Scream" (Scream Should Be In Quotes)

Imagine what it's like to DRIVE OFF of the Stratosphere Tower.  Well, guess no more, here's what it would look like...

#3.  No way, not now, not tomorrow, NEVER.

#4 -- Big Shot

You'd think that a ride named for an old Billy Joel song (Ed. Note: Not really.) would be a walk in the park.....Uhh, no!


Thank goodness THIS blog post is over, I need to go and lie down.  BUT... Unfortunately for me, the boss has asked for one more video to be added to this post, one that has nothing to do with Vegas.  

GRAVITY MAX.  OK, I hate it, already.  I kinda like gravity, it's my friend, I'd hate to mess up that friendship.  Oh, well....

Get out of town... No track?

Well, I've seen enough.  I am OUT.  We're back next time with a brand new series that we think you'll like, from our friends at the Aces Casino Blog -- "Three Things We Found On The Internet.!"  (Ed. Note: OK, NOW, I'm SCARED.  Who knows WHAT you jokers have found on the internet.  The attorney is on retainer, go ahead.)  See you next time!

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