Monday, May 9, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: And Now For Something Completely Different (No, Not Monty Python!) -- Three Things We Found On The Internet Today

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Ed. Note: You know -- The top orange county casino night party company on the west coast, bar none), we've always looked at the making of the Aces Casino Blog as a work in perpetual motion -- A place to discuss everything from the latest in orange county casino party games, to dumb YouTube vids, to anything and everything under the sun that we feel needs the Aces Casino "light of day" brightly shined upon it.

In other words, our tendency to lean towards our "professional irreverence" mantra plastered upon us by none other than the O. C. Register, when they lauded us as the best casino party company in our industry.  High praise for 127 crazy staff members that found a job they loved, that isn't work.

But, back to the blog.

The Blog staff is always looking on the internet for things that they can forward to the thousands of loyal Aces Casino Blog subscribers (Ed. Note: Ummm, what?), and would consistently find things that they thought that, although it had nothing to do with our company, were interesting, just the same.

Leave it to the Blog staff to accidentally find yet another theme to discuss (exploit?) here. Here's a look at how they think: A couple of years ago, they wanted to be given the week off after coming up with the theme, "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  (Ed. Note: Yeah, right.  Back to work.)  Finally, this crew of frustrated Shakespeare Wanna-Be's were hit with the bolt of lightning - Let's package all these random internet stories, and write about them!

Brilliant.  Well, maybe not BRILLIANT, but it'll pass.

To that end, we dedicate all of our remaining Aces Casino Blog entries for the month of May to the latest creation submitted by our Aces Casino Blog staff -- Part One of "Three Things That We Found On The Internet This Week / Month / Year!"  Enjoy....

#1 -- Steve Martin working at Knott's Berry Farm in their print shop

Yes, yes, we know that one of America's favorite comedians did quite a stint at the Berry Farm's "Bird Cage Theater" as one of the regulars that put on plays daily in the park.  But here's a picture we found of him doing something "Non-Theater-ish."

 Wanted - Someone to make "Wanted" posters.

Yep, that's Steve Martin, making wanted posters for the masses.  Funny thing -- The location that we found this shot claimed that it was taken at Disneyland.  Uhh, no... The only "Wanted" posters that Disneyland needed to make for the Magic Kingdom was for whomever came up with "Light Magic."  Look it up, you'll see why.  Just another snippet of news you can use from Aces Casino Entertainment.

#2 -- Conan O'Brien before he was Conan O'Brien

Here's a picture taken by a fellow writer for the TV show, "The Simpsons," taken back in 1992.  Let's see now, which one of these gentlemen is Conan?  

He's always had that hair.  I'm jealous. (BTW, VERY funny guy!)

#3 -- A picture that sums up how I feel when I can't figure out which button does what on my PS4 controller while I'm playing a game of Major League Baseball

Which one do I turn to make the pitcher throw the baseball?

This was lifted from some old WW1 submarine.....I'm sure that all of these valves had a job at one point.  Oh, by the way -- "X" swings the bat.

That's all for now, my Aces Casino buddies.  We'll see you on Thursday with more of this series of stories / photos.  Take care, we'll see you then!

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