Monday, April 4, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog's "New Casino Games For 2016" Series Asks The Question -- Have You Ever Heard Of a Game Called "40X?" (Me, Either.)

Anyone that knows the crew at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) knows that there are two things that we will NEVER get enough of - Putting on great casino night party events, and play-testing brand new casino games!

Aces Casino is well-known for being one of the innovators in our industry when it comes to bringing the latest casino games to our "virtual reality casino floor" faster than anyone else in the United States.  Every year here on the Aces Blog, we take pride in providing a block of blog-time to showcase some of the newly-discovered casino-style games that are currently being play-tested before they hit the market, or, in some cases, have already made their way onto a casino floor near you.

Hey - It's what this orange county casino night party company does best - Bringing the latest innovations in our industry to our many clients all over southern California.  Well, that, and also having loads of fun with our clients at our many events year-round.

So, to that end, let's continue our "Newest Casino Games Of 2016" Aces Casino Blog Series with another game that we discovered is being offered by a company known as INAG (Ed. Note: Which stands for the International Network in Advance Gaming).  Now, those of you that might not be familiar with INAG... Well, if you're into casino gaming at all and have visited some of the Indian casinos located on the west coast, you may have already seen some of the INAG creations.

Here comes another "work in progress" from our friends over at INAG - "40X!"  Check out the layout.... It LOOKS a lot like our well-known Blackjack layout.... But, take a closer look ...

40X.  Calling all math geniuses.

OK - Here's (kinda) how "40X" works....

Forty Times™
Game Rules

Forty Times is an optional side wager for the standard game of Blackjack where the player “buys” the option to Double Down for up to 40X the side wager. 

To play Forty Times, players will be required to place a standard Blackjack wager (the player may not make the Forty Times wager without a standard Blackjack wager) and then place a separate wager on the Forty Times wagering spot (see layout below).  The Forty Times wager CAN NOT exceed 10% of the standard Blackjack wager.  The amount wagered by the player must be within the minimum and maximum wagers posted on the table and are subject to all payout limitations posted by the HOUSE.

The Forty Times wager is only in play when the player doubles down on the first two cards.  The player may only Double Down per HOUSE RULES. Utilizing the Forty Times wager, a player may add up to a total of forty times the Forty Times wager to his or her double down.  This amounts to adding up to four times his or her original standard blackjack wager to the double down wager, as more fully described in the dealing procedures below.

Forty Times™
Dealing Procedures

The players place their wagers, per the posted betting limits, in their designated betting spots for the Blackjack game and the optional Forty Times wager (see layout).  The Forty Times wager CANNOT exceed 1/10th of the standard Blackjack wager and must be within the min./max. as determined by the posted betting limits. THE DEALER WILL VERIFY THAT THE FORTY TIMES WAGER MEETS THESE CONDITIONS PRIOR TO DEALING OUT THE HANDS.

Once all bets are placed, two cards will be dealt to each player and two cards to the dealer per standard Blackjack procedures.

  • If the Player Does Not Double Down

Based on the player’s first two cards received and the HOUSE RULES regarding Doubling Down, if the Player does not Double Down, the Forty Times wager is lost and is collected by the dealer. 

The game continues as with standard Blackjack per the HOUSE procedures.

  • If the Player Doubles Down

If the player decides to Double Down based on his two cards and meeting the criteria for Doubling Down per the HOUSE RULES.  The player places an equal value of chips adjacent to his standard Blackjack wager (a standard Doubles Down) and then may:

Add up to a total of Forty Times his optional Forty Times wager to his or her Double Down.  The amount of total wager in the Forty Times betting circle CANNOT exceed forty times  the amount originally bet in the circle and, additionally, CANNOT exceed 4 times his original standard wager.  THE DEALER WILL VERIFY THIS CONDITION PRIOR TO DEALING THE DOUBLE DOWN CARD.

There you have it, guys and gals.  We here at Aces Casino would expect to see this interesting side-bet-type game turn up at one of our local indian casinos here in SoCal, if not the casino floor here at Aces Casino Entertainment.  That's it for today, students.... We'll be back on Thursday with more "interesting" gaming fodder.  See you then!

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