Monday, March 21, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: Let's Take a Look At Some Of The Brand New Games Coming To a Casino Near You, Starting With Our Favorite - "1 Bet Threat!"

Anyone that knows the crew at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) knows that there are two things that we will NEVER get enough of - Putting on great casino night party events, and play-testing brand new casino games!

Aces Casino is well-known for being one of the innovators in our industry when it comes to bringing the latest casino games to our "virtual reality casino floor" faster than anyone else in the United States.  Every year here on the Aces Blog, we take pride in providing a block of blog-time to showcase some of the newly-discovered casino-style games that are currently being play-tested before they hit the market, or, in some cases, have already made their way onto a casino floor near you.

Hey - It's what this orange county casino night party company does best - Bringing the latest innovations in our industry to our many clients all over southern California.  Well, that, and also having loads of fun with our clients at our many events year-round.

So, to that end, let's start off our "Newest Casino Games Of 2016" Aces Casino Blog Series with a game that we discovered is being offered by a company known as INAG (Ed. Note: Which stands for the International Network in Advance Gaming).  Now, those of you that might not be familiar with INAG... Well, if you're into casino gaming at all and have visited some of the Indian casinos located on the west coast, you may have already seen some of the INAG creations.

This brand new INAG casino game is called "1 Bet Threat," and will be coming to a Nevada casino floor in the very near future (if it hasn't, already).

"1 Bet Threat." Hey, we're already good for more than one bet.

It has a blackjack-style horseshoe-shape, and in the configuration shown above, it has a six-spot player area.  The game is correctly classified as a "poker-based casino game," and it's roots are firmly planted in the poker game of Texas Hold-'em.  We here at Aces Casino have fully play-tested this game, and we like quite a few of the game's characteristics, especially the "instant showdown" part of the game.

Would you like to give this new game a try?  Well, you KNOW that Aces Casino Entertainment wouldn't tease you with a leading question like that... Of COURSE you'd like to try it!  Well, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast (Aces Casino, for short!), just click on the link below, and take "1 Bet Threat" for a spin!

That's all for now, my Aces Casino Blog buddies.  But, there's good news!  We've found a TREASURE TROVE of new casino games to try out!  (Ed. Note: Just what IS a 'treasure trove,' anyway?)  We'll be back on Monday with a brand new 2016 casino game trainer for you to take for a spin.  We'll see you then!

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