Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog "2016 New Casino Game Trainer" Series Checks Out This Lil' Ditty -- Here Are The Rules Of "Hearts Up Showdown Poker!"

Anyone that knows the crew at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) knows that there are two things that we will NEVER get enough of - Putting on great casino night party events, and play-testing brand new casino games!

Aces Casino is well-known for being one of the innovators in our industry when it comes to bringing the latest casino games to our "virtual reality casino floor" faster than anyone else in the United States.  Every year here on the Aces Blog, we take pride in providing a block of blog-time to showcase some of the newly-discovered casino-style games that are currently being play-tested before they hit the market, or, in some cases, have already made their way onto a casino floor near you.

Hey - It's what this orange county casino night party company does best - Bringing the latest innovations in our industry to our many clients all over southern California.  Well, that, and also having loads of fun with our clients at our many events year-round.

So, to that end, let's continue our "Newest Casino Games Of 2016" Aces Casino Blog Series with a game that we discovered is being offered by a company known as INAG (Ed. Note: Which stands for the International Network in Advance Gaming).  Now, those of you that might not be familiar with INAG... Well, if you're into casino gaming at all and have visited some of the Indian casinos located on the west coast, you may have already seen some of the INAG creations.

This one looks like (and is described as) a poker-based card game unlike anything we've seen in the past, which intrigues us even more.  It's called "Hearts Up Showdown Poker," and as of this writing, has not been set up for play-testing in "game trainer" form.  That's OK, however.....Once we obtain the game trainer, we'll update this blog-post, and link to it the minute we receive one.  The rules are posted below, so take a peek, and let us know what you think!

Right off the bat, ya gotta love that purple background color.
OK.... Now... Here's how you play.  
  1. All bets placed before cards are dealt.
  2. Each player is dealt five cards, one at a time, in rotation, face-up.  Dealer cards are dealt face down as last card in rotation and revealed at the end of play to increase suspense.
  3. The best five card poker hand on the table wins the   mandatory “Pot” bet from the other players. Ties are split.  The house rake for the “Pot” bet is $1 on each $25 wagered after the first $25.  Players may bet more than the table minimum if desired, but winning bets pay at no more than 1 to 1 or to the extent their wager covers
  4. The “Pot” bet creates good natured rivalries between players while all can team  up to root against the Dealer for the next game step.
  5. After the Pot bet is paid, the “Dealer” bets are decided as the Dealer flips each  card in sequence.  Each player’s hand is pitted against the Dealer’s hand, one-on-one, to decide each bet.  Winners paid 1:1.  Ties push.
  6.  Bet pushes if Dealer does not have a qualifying hand of at least Jack high.
  7. All bets are paid to or collected from each player.
  8. The optional “Suit” bet is played against the house with the turn of every player        card.  Players guess their cards’ suits before dealing to win by pressing their suit indicator buttons for each card.
  9. The players’ suit bet is evenly divided among the five cards.  A $5 wager equals $1 per card, a $10 wager equals $2 per card, $15 = $3 per card, etc.  Payouts start at 1:1 with 1 match and dramatically increase to 100:1 with 5 matches.
  10.  The optional “Hearts Up!” bet is played against the house.  Players want two or         more Hearts in their hand.  The more Hearts they get, the more they win.
  11.  The optional “Hand” bet pays based on the quality of a player’s poker hand.  Pays start at Jacks and top out with a Hearts Royal Flush payout of 5000:1!
OK, so it loses a little bit in the translation, but hey - It's early!  Let's wait for the game trainer, and see how it works.  We here at Aces Casino LOVE the layout, and that's half the battle!  OK, gaming fans, that's all for now.... We'll be back in April with more of the "New Casino Games of 2016."  See you then!

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