Monday, February 1, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog "Super Bowl 50 Selection Special:" Football Kitty Looks To Make It 21 Straight Wins With Our Annual Aces Super Bowl Pick!


You talk about feeling the heat?  The staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment (A.K.A. the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) found out just how hot things can get, when it comes to extending our incredible streak of providing 20 consecutive winning Super Bowl picks.

After trying for two years straight to get our company mascot, Honey the dog, to make our heralded selection on who we think will win football's greatest prize, we finally learned something about "our pick to make the pick."

Puggles are incredibly stubborn.

We tried using Honey LAST year, with no luck.  Two straight days of watching that dopey dog just sit there, and do nothing.  I can't remember who coined that now-famous quote around these here parts (Ed. Note: "The true definition of the word 'insane' is repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.'  I said it.), we decided to give Honey another chance THIS year.

Um, yeah, bad idea.  Two more days of filming, and filming, AND FILMING... No luck.  The dog is obviously a hockey fan.  So.. We finally made a team decision -- If, in the past, we've asked the Knott's chicken, two geese, various ducks, a groundhog, an elephant, and a dog that actually BEHAVED when asked for his pick, well, why not go BACK to what made your pick famous?

So, to THAT end, we've gone back to the dance with who brung us.  We put the word out to immediately find a replacement for Honey, and we found one -- At the Zoological Wildlife Research Center in Miami, Florida.  Perfect, we thought -- Miami!  They've hosted Super Bowls in the past, so they MUST have animals out there somewhere that have the winning pick, and are just waiting for someone to ASK them.

Well, we got wind of just such a situation..... The ZWRC just happened to be filming the type of Super Bowl pick that we love the most -- Onyx, the Zoological Wildlife Center's resident Panther, who would make the Aces Casino Entertainment "pick heard 'round the world," if we asked.  One quick vote from the staff here at the top orange county casino night party company in SoCal came in with a unanimous vote - Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present the official selector of the 2015 Aces Casino Entertainment Super Bowl prediction.

Onyx, The Panther.

 Yeah, take a wild guess who I like.

Now, I know what you're thinking.... "Now, Aces, just HOW could you turn to an obviously BIASED game-picker like Onyx?"  The answer is simple -- Because!  Hey -- We've gone with Elephants, groundhogs, piano-playing chickens...Maybe THEY were biased.  We never asked.  We didn't care, as long as they were correct in their prognostication.  We're just as surprised as YOU are that the damned streak has gone this far.  Talk about luck...20 in a row, and going for 21.

So, as you've now seen, the Aces Casino Entertainment 2015 Super Bowl winner prediction is in - We like the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50.  Good luck to all of you that are throwing Super Bowl parties here in SoCal.... We're actually working at a few of them this Sunday.  As for the Aces Casino Blog, we'll be back tomorrow with a blog post that chronicles the history behind this crazy streak of Super Bowl winners, all selected by animals, and then, we'll be back on Monday to gloat about our 21st consecutive Super Bowl winner.  Have a good one, we'll see you tomorrow!

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