Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: Proof Positive That "Fake Celebrities" Must Go -- The World Has Grown Tired Of That Jenner / Kardashian / Kanye Group

Well, It's about time.

First off, we must say one thing about this wacky entertainment business that Aces Casino Entertainment is such a big part of.  Hey - We've worked very hard at getting the Aces Casino brand out there to all those that are searching for the best in the orange county casino party company biz, and promotional work and targeted advertising went a log way towards getting our name out in this crazy world we live in.  We do this simply because we provide a service.

A VERY GOOD service.

Aces Casino Entertainment won countless awards in our field, and are recognized by many of the top catering execs and professional entertainment agencies as being honest, loyal, knowledgeable, and very good at what we do.  We love doing what we do for a living, and constantly tell our many orange county casino night party clients that we have the greatest job in the world.

That was one of the reasons that this goofy Aces Casino Blog was created -- To get the word out on just how good (and how ZANY) our team is at providing quality orange county casino night party entertainment for all that are looking for it.  It's a good thing.  People WANT us.  We work HARD to have clients that continue to want us.  We have something to offer.   Hey, everyone deserves to make a living.  Just don't make us sick to our stomachs while you're doing it.

Unfortunately, in this crazy "social media" world that we all love to belong to, one style of such stomach-turning promotion has reared it's ugly head, and become part of the social media fabric -- Fake celebrities.  People that have been created by agents or family members for the sole purpose of making money.  Celebs that are literally "famous for being famous."

We know, yes, this type of Pop-Celeb thing has been around for a while.  We remember Brooke Shields.  We remember Ashlee Simpson.  (Ed. Note: Boy, do WE remember HER.)  But... This Jenner / Kardashian / Kanye West machine that fuels itself on the need for constant promotion has got to go.  Really... We don't know about YOU guys and gals, but for our money, this media whore-circus needs to pull over, NOW.

Fortunately, there seems to be a grass-roots movement taking place here in the United States.  People in the entertainment field are starting to turn on the "machine."  Now, we don't expect this Kris Jenner-created abomination to disappear from TMZ any time soon.... But it looks like there IS evidence that the smart people that love entertainment are beginning to show their displeasure for this group of untalented media vacuums.

Exhibit "A."  The two re-configured Jenner tykes booed at the Billboard Awards.

Exhibit "B."  The abomination creator herself booed at the iHeart Radio Bash.

I know... This is embarrassing.  And, when you throw Kanye West into the mix (the same Kanye West that has just recently taken to Twitter to beg Mark Zuckerberg for $53M to get him out of debt, and help him to "create everything his imagination can provide us," well, you get the picture.  And - So does Stephen Colbert.

O-M-G.  Donda?  REALLY??

I'll make this quick, these dopes HAVE to go.

That's all from the Blog today.  We'll be back next week with something that hopefully will be a LOT better than what this Jenner clan can give us.  (Ed. Note: That won't be difficult.)

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