Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: The Five Biggest Myths In The Game Of Blackjack - Just Call Us "The Myth-Busters! (What? That's Already Taken?)

Aces Casino Entertainment has always looked for interesting information, both in print and in video form, that touches on relevant topics that surround the casino games that we love most.  That's what makes us the cutting-edge orange county casino party company that we are.  Seriously -- How many other casino companies out there maintain a blog for 15 minutes, let alone some six years?  (Ed. Note: We'll put "maintain" in quotes.)

Well, enough about us!  (Ed. Note: EXCUSE ME?  Info on the blog is the reason we HAVE and PAY for this blog!  Sheesh...)  Let's post another video that we found interesting.... It comes from our friends over at American Casino Guide.... "The 5 Biggest Myths In The Game Of Blackjack!"

I know, It's a little dry, but hey, It's Blackjack!

That's all for now for all of our Aces Casino Blog friends.. Remember, on February 1st, we'll be going for our 21st consecutive Correct winning Super Bowl selection, when we turn to a human, for once... "The Football Baby!"  Take care, you orange county casino night party fanatics!  We'll see you on Monday!

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