Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aces Casino Blog "Blast From The Past:" Here Are 5 Semi-Historical Facts About Las Vegas That You May Not Have Known (Until Now, That Is)

(Ed. Note: Looks like the Aces Casino Blog team has a gaming convention in Anaheim to attend today, and, yes, it did cross our mind that their claim was a bunch of baloney, but, without proof that they're really going to Santa Anita Race Track today and blowing the Aces Blog off, we're going to go with their story.  In their place on the Blog today, by popular demand, we'll re-print this lil' ditty that talks about some little-known facts about the City of Las Vegas.)

When you're known as the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, you had better know EVERYTHING about casino games.  Thankfully, the brass at Aces Casino DOES.  Now, possibly, their expertise in selecting authors to write their twice-weekly blog might be questioned, but, for now, I'll gladly accept the weekly $34.65 stipend for creating this published (?) train wreck, and cash the check, before someone gets wise.

Today's blog is a result of yours truly roaming the halls of Aces Casino, and asking the tough questions: #1, "do you know any really good trivia about the city of Las Vegas," and #2, "who stole my $16 pen?"  Well, I didn't get any nibbles on question #2, but as for the first query, yep, without question, there's no one group of casino party crazies that know more useless trivia than this team of orange county casino party nuts.  (I do have the greatest job in the world.)

So, without one more moment of hesitation (and before they can stop payment on the $34.65 check), here are the top 5 Aces Casino "gee whiz" facts about the city of Las Vegas.....

#1 -- Everyone knows (or thought they knew) that Ben Siegel's "Flamingo Hotel and Casino" was the first hotel / casino resort built in Vegas, in 1946.  Uhh, nope...Not true.  Actually, the very first hotel / casino in the city was built some five years earlier -- The El Rancho Vegas, a strip property, was built in 1941.  Goofy factoid:  This hotel burned to the ground 19 years later, in 1960.  Anyone that knew Siegel's whereabouts on that particular night is encouraged to call the LVPD cold-case division.

Flamingo Hotel, 1946. VERY cool. 

#2 -- When you officially leave California, and take the 15 freeway across the border into Nevada, there was a time that you used to refer to that area as "State Line, Nevada."  However, since 1996, that border area's name was officially changed to "Primm, Nevada," in honor of the area's founder, Ernest Primm.

 Ernest Primm. 

#3 -- There are some people that think that the MGM Grand Hotel at the corner of North Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue is NOT the largest hotel in the world...They're wrong.  It's still the boss of the planet, boasting a total of 5,005 rooms.  Word is they go thru about a million rolls of toilet paper a year there.  My wife must stay there when she's in town.  That woman can go thru GOBS of the stuff, believe me.

#4 -- Mormon settlers have always been given credit for discovering that vast plot of land know as Glitter Gulch, but actually, the Mormons, while receiving proper credit for setting up the first settlement in the city in 1855, were NOT the original group to discover  Las Vegas: Spanish explorers actually discovered Las Vegas some 26 years earlier, in 1829.   Guess they didn't want to stick around and wait for Siegel's hotel to open.  Can't blame 'em.

#5 -- It seems that a big part of Las Vegas' "history" is to seemingly erase it's past history:  every year or so, decisions are made to demolish one of the older hotels that made the city famous, in order to build something new, something"bigger and better." With that in mind, you'd best fasten our seat belt -- There are current discussions with one of the major hotel chains in the city (MGM Resorts) to actually knock down a hotel that is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  I kid you not.  It's called the Harmon....Seems the darned thing might have a few defects in it's initial foundation construction.  Translation: It probably wouldn't  still be there if an earthquake hit the city.

Hey, at least the ticker works.  DOES look like It's leaning, though.

Uhh, yeah, that's gonna be a problem.  I'm not staying in a new hotel that has signs on the wall requesting that the patrons not sneeze hard.  Here's the link to this amazing story.  Hey, at least MGM can save money on the demolition of the thing.  Sounds like a loud party might be all that's needed to raze that thing.  Someone's losing their job over THIS one.  I can't believe someone forgot the rebar....

Well, that's all for now, my friends.  Any possible last-minute casino events that our clients might be planning should book now with ol' Aces Casino -- Our orange county casino party crew loves going out of town on off weekends, but they'll be glad to stick around, should the need arise.   Should anyone need info about or is interested in booking their next casino party, give Aces Casino a call today.  Maybe, by then, I'll find my $16 pen.

(Ed. Note: I doubt it.  I brought it home with me last week.  You're right, it IS nice.)

OK, you football-crazy Aces Blog fans -- Come on back here on Monday, when our unorthodox football prognosticators go for their 21st straight winning Super Bowl pick.  Will it be the "Football Baby," or something else?  Come on back in 3 days, and find out!  See ya Monday!

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: Did You Know That a Theory Exists That Suggests That There Are Times When And When NOT To Bet Max Coins In A Slot Machine?

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we have a saying when it comes to casino gaming -- "Mathematics is a wonderful thing!"  To that end, we discovered an interesting theory concerning slot machines, what to look for in a machine, and when ans when NOT to bet maximum coins.

Yes, we know that Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leader in the SoCal area, doesn't supply clients with slot machines (Ed. Note: Hint: we're not a real casino.), but, for those clients that wonder about such things when playing these one-armed bandits in Las Vegas, and all legal points east, that there IS a method to the "Max-Coins Madness."

So, for those that might be interested in just when to play maximum coins in certain machines, here is your answer, courtesy of our friends over at American Casino Guide.  From the leader in orange county casino night parties, Enjoy!

 To Max, or not to Max.  That is the question.

So much for that, my gaming friends.  We'll see you on Thursday with our usual Aces Blog blather... Then, on Monday, we'll be back on the Blog with what might be our most popular blog post of the year -- The Aces Casino Blog goes for 21 Straight winning Super Bowl picks, while using our usual unorthodox ways of selecting winners.  See ya on Thursday!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: The Five Biggest Myths In The Game Of Blackjack - Just Call Us "The Myth-Busters! (What? That's Already Taken?)

Aces Casino Entertainment has always looked for interesting information, both in print and in video form, that touches on relevant topics that surround the casino games that we love most.  That's what makes us the cutting-edge orange county casino party company that we are.  Seriously -- How many other casino companies out there maintain a blog for 15 minutes, let alone some six years?  (Ed. Note: We'll put "maintain" in quotes.)

Well, enough about us!  (Ed. Note: EXCUSE ME?  Info on the blog is the reason we HAVE and PAY for this blog!  Sheesh...)  Let's post another video that we found interesting.... It comes from our friends over at American Casino Guide.... "The 5 Biggest Myths In The Game Of Blackjack!"

I know, It's a little dry, but hey, It's Blackjack!

That's all for now for all of our Aces Casino Blog friends.. Remember, on February 1st, we'll be going for our 21st consecutive Correct winning Super Bowl selection, when we turn to a human, for once... "The Football Baby!"  Take care, you orange county casino night party fanatics!  We'll see you on Monday!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog: Casino Entertainment Might Be In Our Name, But Predicting The Winner Of Super Bowl 50 Is Definitely Our Game!

Aces Casino Entertainment has always taken pride in our standing as the top orange county casino night party company in southern California, and has always taken strides to continue as the #1 source for new and different ways to stay on the cutting edge in the casino entertainment industry.  However, each and every January, another source of pride creeps back into the conscience of our super casino party staff.....

The Super Bowl.

Yes, it's true, Aces Casino Entertainment has a lot of staff members that support a bevy of different franchises in the National Football League, from the Los Angeles Rams (Ed. Note: There, what he said!), to the Raiders, the Chargers, the Patriots... We've got fans of many teams calling Aces Casino home.

So, back in 1994, before the internet, before Twitter and Facebook, and, as suggested by one of our secretaries, before the signing of the Declaration Of Independence, we started a little Super Bowl Prognostication "service," which used what some might classify as an "unusual" source of knowledge concerning the NFL.  To make a long story short, we select one "entity" each and every year to make the prediction for us.  Hey, when the O. C. Register made us their #1 pick in the category of orange county casino party company and classified us as "professionally irreverent," we knew that there was only one way around here to pick winners.

We started this way back in 1995, for Super Bowl 29, between the 49ers and the Chargers.  We decided that, every year at this time, we would go to Knott's Berry Farm and ask their piano-playing savant, Henny Penny the chicken, to make our pick for us.  We provided thje two helmets for Ms. Penny, and she'd pick for us.  For Super Bowl 29, she immediately picked the 49ers.  BINGO!  One for one.....

We went back again, and again, and again, for a number of years, and each time, Ms. Penny selected the correct team.  Then, because of all the hoopla that our chicken-picker caused over at the Knott's offices, they eliminated Henny Penny and her piano from their theme park, saying they didn't want any part of involvement with the NFL (Bad Idea #1), and that the chicken wasn't making enough money playing the piano to sustain her continued "show."  Bad Idea #2.  Hey, who wouldn't pay 25c to watch a chicken play the piano?  I KNOW IT!  Unbelievable!  (Ed. Note: When you have a world-famous chicken dinner restaurant, you can only imagine what happened to Henny.)

You can see the "Henny Penny" sign on the lower left.  10 cents, back then.

So, when Knott's kicked us out and killed our golden (chicken) goose, we had to find other ways to get our Super Bowl fix.  We've found an elephant that made one pick for us... We've also had at least one horse, a hedgehog, two ducks (Ed. Note: Who, by the way, both agreed on their selection, the only time we've used more than one picker), It's been a wild ride. 

But, through it all, one thing remained consistent -- For 20 years, each and every selection made by the official Aces Casino Entertainment "picker" was a winner.  That's twenty in a row.  TWENTY.  Last year, we decided we'd use the family dog, "Honey," as the official selector for SB 49.

One problem.  After numerous attempts to get that stubborn dog to make a pick, she refused on each and every occasion.  We must have tries seven times.  No dice. So, as chronicled with this blog post, for the first time in Aces Casino history, we went dark, and had no selection.

This year, things will be different.

For the record, Here's the link to the January 26, 2014 Aces Casino Blog entry that gave info as to our perfection when it comes to predicting the Super Bowl.  (Ed. Note: It was the hedgehog's turn back then.  He picked Seattle, which I thought was a loser.  That's why I don't make the selection around here.)  So, never fear, you fans of the Aces Casino Super Bowl Selection Show -- For Super Bowl 50, we WILL be supplying our 21st pick to win the Super Bowl.  After an exhausting and lengthy search, we feel we've found the perfect source for our Aces Casino Super Bowl selection...

We're going with the Football Baby!

I mean, just LOOK at this kid!  Who else should we go with??

We will be going to the Football Baby on Monday, February 1st, right here on the Aces Casino Blog, home of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, as we shoot for our 21st consecutive winning Super Bowl selection.  We normally post on Mondays and Thursdays anyway, and there's quite a bit of press coverage with this selection method of ours, so come on back on Feb. 1, and we'll show you who "Football Baby" and Aces Casino selects as the winner of SB 50.  See you then!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Aces Casino Blog "College Of Casino Game Knowledge:" The Five Most Misplayed Hands In The Game Of Blackjack (Some May Surprise You...)

Another LOOOONG December is in the books.... Aces Casino Entertainment would like to thank all of our terrific clients, our fantastic staff, and most of all, that wonderful weather in December this year, for a really nice holiday casino night season.  We look forward to seeing all of you again in December, 2016, for what we like to call, "a rematch."  Now, back to the Aces Casino Blog, and all that blather....

Let it never be said that Aces Casino Entertainment, long recognized as the top orange county casino party company on the West Coast, doesn't know it's salt when it comes to the fine points of casino gaming, odds and probabilities.  (Ed. Note: Well, you COULD say it, but you'd be wrong.)

The powers that be at this bastion of Orange county casino night gaming LOVE talking numbers (Ed. Note: Except 'Powerball' numbers.  The Aces Casino lottery consortium has bitten the dust again, they'll be back at work tomorrow), especially those numbers and stats surrounding what we call in the industry "Basic Blackjack Strategy."

To that end, the Aces Casino Blog staff has found another lil' ditty of useful information in a YouTube entry that discusses what the author calls, "The Five Most Misplayed Hands in Blackjack."  Enjoy the ride, see what you think, and we'll see you next week in the ol' Blog, when the top orange county casino night party company returns with their favorite topic -- Our Annual "Super Bowl Prediction!"  Here's the vid, we'll see you on Monday!