Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just Because We're Extremely Busy At This Time Of Year Doesn't Mean That We Can't Still Show Some Of Our Favorite Movie Scenes Of All Time!

Here at Aces Casino, also known as the top Orange County Casino Night Party Company on the West Coast, it is true that we get extremely busy in December.  Seems like EVERYONE wants their holiday casino night party to take place sometime in December.

OK, we get that.

It's true, we're busy and hardly in the office (or home, but that's another story), but someone came up with an idea to keep the ol' Aces Casino Blog on top of things.  So, to that end, why not post something that may make some of our fans happy?  OK, so, from our orange county casino party company to your PC / iPhone screen, here's one of our personal faves... "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

"Hi there!"

That's all for now.. gotta go to our event in Los Angeles.  We'll be back with more clips later this week.  Thanks for checking in, we shall return!  (We promise!)

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