Monday, October 5, 2015

Without Question, We Think We've Found The Football Predicting Sage That Will Continue Our Undefeated Streak Of Super Bowl Winning Picks!

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment (also know as the top Orange County Casino Night party company on the west coast), well, we have always strived for excellence, in ALL ways.  Yes, It's true, we've been recognized as the top casino night company in SoCal by none other than the Orange County Register, but that's not all we'd like to be recognized for in the Aces Casino Offices.

That's right, my friends -- Wonderful casino night parties, and Super Bowl Picks.

Anyone that has followed the incredible streak of correct Super Bowl predictions here at Aces Casino MUST know that we're always on the lookout for the person (or animal, for that matter, here are the links) to keep us in the black, when it comes to the big game.  However, unlike prior years, it seems that we've actually found the source of this year's winning selection....


We'll have more info on this incredible pigskin prognosticator in upcoming rants in the Aces Casino Blog, but we thought, aww, heck, since we've been away from the Blog desk for some two months because of lack of semi-interesting info subjects, why not post our hero for the big game?  Dead blog streak broken, and Football Baby hired (sort of)!  That's all for now, we'll see you all on Thursday with more "blather from the Blog!"

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