Monday, June 8, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Those Gamers Looking For a Tweak In The Way Roulette Is Played May Have Just Found It Here With The New "Riverboat Roulette!"

If there's ONE thing that this crazy bunch of orange county casino party company crazies LOVE, It's new casino games.  And, just like clockwork, every year at about this time, a company called BNP puts on their annual "Tables Games Conference," where table game designers from far and wide are given the chance to show off their new creations in front of a very prestigious and high-octane group of casino execs that are more than willing to give their new product a test drive.

This year, the game that stood out to us here at Aces Casino (those orange county casino night guys) was a game that we had been waiting for, for a VERY long time -- A game that put quite a twist on the time-honored game of Roulette, something called "Riverboat Roulette." 

This game was first brought to our attention from none other than the man behind our favorite "Las Vegas-Flavored" blog, Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas.  You can check out his report on this colorful take on the "Wheel Of Fortune" (Ed. Note:Tell Merv Griffin that his royalty payment is in the mail)  here.  It's the brainchild of the folks over at Double Luck Gaming Company, and we applaud them for their effort, especially since the game is now "being spread" at the Golden Gate Casino in Downtown Las Vegas.

Not your Grandpa's Roulette, but, then again, Grampa wasn't much of a gambler.

Riverboat Roulette won second prize in the "New Table Games" Division (Ed. Note: First place went to a game called "War Blackjack," a game we'll look at later on), and is just what the doctor ordered to spruce up what some might feel is a table game worth sprucin' up.

"31, Black, Odd and Yellow."  Oh, and there's blue AND teal, too.  Don't ask.

Below this Aces Casino Blog entry is a YouTube video that takes an in-depth look at "Riverboat Roulette," which shows the multitude of plays and combinations available.  If anyone wanders "Downtown" and gives this game a shot, please let us know (Ed. Note: Unless they're looking for casino chip reimbursement.  That's handled at our sister location in the Caribbean).  We'd love to hear how it went!  Next up in the Blog on Thursday, we look at the 1st-place winner at the Table Games Conference -- "War Blackjack."  We'll see you then!

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