Monday, June 1, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Pai-Gow Poker Is The Answer To The Oft-Asked Question, "What Casino Game Can I Drink in The Casino, And STILL Beat?"

Ed. Note: Before we move on to our normal blog foolishness, we here at Aces Casino Entertainment wanted to post a word of thanks to all of the servicemen and women, former and current, who serve this great country of ours, both at home and abroad without a lick of hesitation.   The holiday we know as Memorial Day is a day where we can also show our appreciation and remember those who have died for our country, protecting our rights here at home.  Thank you. 

OK, with that taken care of, It's about time we got around to a game this reporter can actually BEAT.  (Ed. Note: "Beat" should be in quotes.  Winning $3 in 3 minutes, then leaving the table to go to dinner does NOT constitute "beating the game.")  As Jar-Jar Binks would say, if he was here right now, "Meesa Like-in da Pai-Gow Poka!"  (Ed. Note: Oh, BROTHER.  Thankfully, Binks is NOT here.  You're welcome.)

Here at Aces Casino Entertainment, we just LOVE games like Pai-Gow Poker.  Heck, we love All kinds of games, from the traditional casino games that can be found in just about any reputable Las Vegas-based casino, to the various card and board games found at your local card shop and department store.  Bottom line -- When you're the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast, and the word "entertainment" is in your name, you had best know the Las Vegas gaming business.

And, without question, we DO.

The best news of all in this shameless brag from the Aces Casino "Ministers of Propaganda" is that we ALSO love to SHARE our good fortune with our many clients up and down the California coast.  That's why our Aces Blog, A.K.A. the "Parakeet Paper," is such a useful tool -- We can interact not only with our many on-site orange county casino party clients at one of our many live fundraising and private party events, but also with people that find us right here on our blog.

So, to that end, the team at Aces Casino Entertainment have decreed that the month of May this year will be known as "Let's Play Games" month here on the blog.  Every Monday and Thursday here on the blog this month, we'll post a great link to one of the many fine Las Vegas-style casino game trainers for our fans to play with and try out.  Take one of our many game trainers for a spin, and see if you like the games, without the sting of playing for real money.

As yours truly has already mentioned, next up on the docket is one of my all-time favorites in any casino - Pai-Gow Poker, "the game that plays itself."  I mean, what better way is there to knock down a few brews, and let the dealer play your hand for you?  (Ed. Note: And THAT'S why he only won three bucks.  Three brews, three bucks.)  Hey - If you'd rather play the hand yourself, that's cool, also.  Take a crack at this excellent game trainer, it follows below, just click on the Pai-Gow image...

Ahh, yes, Pai-Gow Poker..... Some of you also know that this game is traditionally played with domino-like tiles.  (Ed. Note: Yes, we can deal THAT way for our clients, as well.  Told you, we know our stuff.)  We hope you enjoyed this VERY good game trainer for Pai-Gow Poker.

Wow -- Looking at the calendar, we're almost out of dates in May and June to play games... That means we'll be closing out our "Let's Play Games" series with our next-to-last blog entry -- Wait for it.... "Baccarat!"  Hey, if it's good enough for James Bond, It's good enough for me.  See you then!

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