Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog" Anyone Up For a Little War? Then Suit Up - It's Time To Show Off The Winner Of The 2013 'New Table Games' Award -- War Blackjack!

I have to admit it... When I saw the name of 2013's "New Casino Table Games Award," I was thinking to myself, "What, were there only 2 entries?"  And, as usual, I was premature in my analysis of what turned out to be a pretty interesting "cross-breeding" of two of Las Vegas' favorite table games -- War, and Blackjack.  Simple in It's design, but fun to take on, the time has come to introduce the latest soon-to-be craze at a casino pit near you -- "War Blackjack."

 "War Blackjack," the brainchild of Garry Hamud of War Blackjack, Inc., shows that you don't need to create something so confusing that rocket scientists shake their heads in amazement on how complex some new games have been.  War Blackjack led a field of 25 entrants in the 2013 Table Games Conference "New Games" Series, and for good reason.

It's FUN!

This new game also won the 2014 Aces Casino Blog "Why Didn't I Think Of That" award, and for good reason.  We can see this particular game making it's way onto this orange county casino party company gaming floor VERY soon, for two reasons -- 1) It's easy to learn, and 2) It's SO easy to learn. Here's a little snippet of info on this simplistic new entrant into the casino gaming industry.

Cool Game!

Our kudos to Garry and his staff for creating a pretty cool game that we're sure will make it's way onto the list of games available at our orange county casino night party crew VERY soon.  That's all for now... We'll see you next time!

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