Monday, May 4, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: You'd Expect That The "World's Greatest Dice Roll" Would Have Taken Place in Las Vegas, Right? (Nope. Greenland.)

Anyone that hangs around the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment knows that our Orange county casino party company LOVES crazy things -- Especially when they have to do with the casino games we love most.  Yes, It's true, the one time that we were fully enamored with the story about who had the biggest ball of twine WAS pretty crazy, but it just wasn't "Casino Game Crazy."

Well...That was then, and this is NOW.  Not only have we found something that's "Crazy," It's fully "Casino Game Crazy."  Plus, as an added bonus, we can BET on it here in the office!  It's THREE TIMES the FUN!  (Ed. Note: Surprisingly upbeat words, coming from a crew that bets who buys lunch for the day on what time the mailman will come.  These people will bet on ANYTHING.)

Now, the bad news.... You can only use this once.

You'll see why.

You see, we can only do this once because the dice we're using are special.  VERY special.  The dice we've found were constructed by a company called GNUF.  How special ARE they, you ask?  OK, Try this on for size -- The dice we're using for the "roll of the century" are more than 7 feet tall, and weigh about 1200 pounds each, due to their steel reinforced structure.  Ya gotta love it... These guys from GNUF are as wacky as WE are.  Who else would try to roll dice that weigh a combined 1.2 tons?  And that begs ANOTHER question -- Where in Hades do you take 1.2 tons of 7-foot dice and ROLL them?  I could hardly wait to see the table that'd hold 'em...

Well, it turns out that a table wouldn't be feasible, but the GNUF company found a steep, snowy hill in Nuuk, Greenland, that they could use for the "table," and they'd transport these dual monsters by way of a special helicopter.  Here, see for yourself, in this great YouTube footage we found on the subject...

 Fasten your seat belts, shooter coming out.

What, you thought I was KIDDING?  Uh-uhh.... Nope, there's the proof, These GNUF "scientists" decided to create the "World's Greatest Dice roll," all 7 feet of it, and 1.2 tons worth.  Now, we've scoured the earth and pestered the people at GNUF for a while now, trying to find out all the details of this legendary dice roll.  How many times did you roll the dice, did you shoot them on multiple mountains, et cetera....Well, come to find out, as you can imagine, GNUF's top minds came to the conclusion that because of the sheer size of these dice, they were only gonna shoot 'em ONCE.  Makes sense to me, when you consider the going rate for an hour of helicopter service in Greenland.  That's gotta be costly...

Well, now, it has come down to this.  GNUF only rolled these two dice down that mountain ONCE, so place your bets.  36 different combinations are on the dice, and this one roll turns out to be totally random.  (Ed. Note: No, we didn't send out a boxman with the world's biggest micrometer to check them.  We'll take their word for it, they're "legal.")

The big day came when the "shooter was coming out," one roll for all the money.  The staff at Aces Casino, the top Orange county casino party company on the west coast (and the goofiest crew anywhere) pooled their money, put it down on the table, and made their picks as to what number they thought would be rolled on that snowy winter day in Nuuk, Greenland.  This literally was the shot heard 'round the world.  Money changed hands, and we all got a kick out of it.

Now it's time for you to play at home.  What number are you expecting?  Yes, for reference, I did choose a 7.  Hey, six ways to make it, I wanted the chalk on this shot.  OK, It's time -- Scroll down and play the videotaped result below when all bets are in....Here we go....

And the winning number IS..... NOT Ace-Deuce.

I'm tellin' ya... Is THAT the wackiest thing that you've EVER seen?  We love it.  GNUF is instantly in the Aces Casino Entertainment Hall Of Fame.  I hope they go through with their idea of the world's biggest Roulette wheel.  If they do, we're there.  If we can do the biggest ball of twine, we certainly could do THAT, I don't care if it IS Greenland.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, right.  You get cold just watching the winter olympics on TV.)

We'll be back on Monday with still more foolishness from the Aces Blog.... Until then, keep those normal-size dice hot, and have a good weekend!

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