Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Post-Mortems On The Previously Mentioned Super Bowl Pick -- "Hey, She didn't Want To Do it." (Yeah, That's Pretty Much It.)

Well, you can't blame us for trying.

Just taking this moment here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Our favorite Orange County casino party company) to historically document what transpired with our annual (and undefeated) selection of the NFL's Super Bowl game.

Yeah, we kinda left all of our followers hanging... Here's what happened.  First off, Aces Casino did NOT end up making a Super Bowl prediction for the first time in our history.  It was just not meant to be.  After finding out that the animal that had made our selection for the 2013 season was not going to be made available to us (they wanted to be PAID), we decided to go with our local mascot, "Honey."  (Ed. Note: Our esteemed owner's dog.  Yeah, I could have told ya that wouldn't work.)

The day for the selection came (the Thursday before the game), and we took out the two helmets of the two combatants, placed them far apart so the selection would be obvious, placed Honey's favorite food in front of both helmets and waited for her to make the company's official selection.

And waited.  AND WAITED.

She sat there, proceeded to lay down, and didn't move.  Honey eventually went to sleep, giving us what turned out to be a false prediction on how exciting the game might be.  We waited for about 40 minutes until the dog woke up, turned around and walked away.

No pick.

We decided to try one more time the next day (Friday, two days before the game).  Noon-time on Friday, we set up the same scenario, helmets, food, dog.  Pretty much, we suffered an unfortunate repeat of Thursday's prior attempt.  Honey just didn't want to do it.  She wasn't hungry (which, it itself, is a statement we thought we'd NEVER utter out loud), and was NOT interested in taking that 7-foot walk toward EITHER of the helmets.  (Ed. Note: Can't blame her.  The owner's a Charger fan.)

What happened next was straight out of the Twilight Zone.  "OK, the dog is out for the pick.  Who's making the pick for the company?"  Five people attended Friday's Super Bowl selection process, and when the group was asked which one of them was willing to sacrifice the company's perfect 20 wins, no losses Super Bowl prediction record by making the companies' official game selection, the room fell eerily quiet.

"I'm not going to make the pick.  YOU'RE new around here, YOU make the pick!" 

"Not ME.  YOU make it, it's YOUR company!"

And at THAT precise moment, we all knew what was about to NOT happen.  Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leader, was not going to make any Super Bowl pick for the 2014 season.

The world was on it's own.  I can't blame the guys and gal for declining to make a selection in the name of Aces Casino Entertainment.  If it would have lost, the resulting clamor would have been AWFUL for the select-ee.  2014 was going to turn into "the year of the abstention."

So, there you have it.  The company's Super Bowl prediction record now officially sits at 20 wins, no losses, with one abstention.  Still undefeated, but basking in the knowledge that we need to make SURE next time that our chosen selector is ready to make the pick.  And, if not, we MUST have the ability to provide a back-up selector, in case the chosen person / animal decides not to participate,

We got this.  We shall return in 2015, undefeated record intact.

Just a small blurb before we leave you on this glorious Easter Sunday -- Tomorrow, we'll have the first edition of the Aces Blog returning after a two-month hiatus with a hilarious look at the dubious records involving (of all things) skill cranes.  Then, on Thursday, we'll be back with a look at our "blast from the past" series.  We're back on twice-weekly blog-casts.  Here's hoping all of our friends and family will have a wonderful Easter.  See you tomorrow!

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