Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Ever Wonder Just WHAT The Rules Are For Those Casino-Style Games in Those Southern California Tribal Casinos? (We Did, Too.)

It would be VERY easy to say that Aces Casino (widely recognized as the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast) has ALWAYS been FASCINATED with the goings-on at our many southern California Tribal gaming casinos.  Fortunately for us, someone over at the Orange County Register took notice of this fascination that we had, and have posted an article that touches on just that - What the difference is between the Las Vegas Casinos, the indian gaming parlors, and those card clubs that surround us here in SoCal.

It's written by ace reporters Aaron Claverlie and Kurt Snibbe, and appeared in the OCR a couple of days ago.  Now, you KNOW we love the Register for many reasons (Ed. Note: one of which is their selection of Aces Casino as the #1 casino party company in the southland), but the MAIN reason NOW would HAVE to be their work on this article, which means that WE didn't have to do it ourselves.  Yeah, that, and they've got a fantastic art department, too.

Don't worry, the print is a little bigger on the OCR's article, linked HERE..

If we had $5 for every time someone at one of our many casino night events asked us about the difference in the games and the way they're played, we'd be rich, not to mention we'd retire from the Aces Casino Blog webpage desk.  (Just Kidding, T.J.)  Especially prevalent in the San Diego and Temecula Indian gaming locations is the wide variety of ways to play Roulette.  Hey, if you've got a free weekend (Like we don't), head down the freeway and check 'em out./  Interesting stuff....

So, a big thanks to Aaron and Kurt from Aces Casino Entertainment, the orange county casino party leader in southern California.  Keep up the good work.  We'll be back on Thursday with more Aces Casino Blog drivel.  See you then!

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