Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Ever Wonder Just WHAT The Rules Are For Those Casino-Style Games in Those Southern California Tribal Casinos? (We Did, Too.)

It would be VERY easy to say that Aces Casino (widely recognized as the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast) has ALWAYS been FASCINATED with the goings-on at our many southern California Tribal gaming casinos.  Fortunately for us, someone over at the Orange County Register took notice of this fascination that we had, and have posted an article that touches on just that - What the difference is between the Las Vegas Casinos, the indian gaming parlors, and those card clubs that surround us here in SoCal.

It's written by ace reporters Aaron Claverlie and Kurt Snibbe, and appeared in the OCR a couple of days ago.  Now, you KNOW we love the Register for many reasons (Ed. Note: one of which is their selection of Aces Casino as the #1 casino party company in the southland), but the MAIN reason NOW would HAVE to be their work on this article, which means that WE didn't have to do it ourselves.  Yeah, that, and they've got a fantastic art department, too.

Don't worry, the print is a little bigger on the OCR's article, linked HERE..

If we had $5 for every time someone at one of our many casino night events asked us about the difference in the games and the way they're played, we'd be rich, not to mention we'd retire from the Aces Casino Blog webpage desk.  (Just Kidding, T.J.)  Especially prevalent in the San Diego and Temecula Indian gaming locations is the wide variety of ways to play Roulette.  Hey, if you've got a free weekend (Like we don't), head down the freeway and check 'em out./  Interesting stuff....

So, a big thanks to Aaron and Kurt from Aces Casino Entertainment, the orange county casino party leader in southern California.  Keep up the good work.  We'll be back on Thursday with more Aces Casino Blog drivel.  See you then!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog "Greatest Hits:" When a Trip to Las Vegas Turned Into a Game Show We Now Call "The $389 Question." (Figure House Edge At 100%.)

One of the many perks of working for a company like Aces Casino is the opportunity to be with your friends and family on most holidays, since the Orange County casino party leader traditionally doesn't have events on big holidays (except New Years' Eve).  This CAN be a blessing, but as some of the Aces Casino staff discovered, it can also be a "curse."

It's Labor Day weekend, 2010, a weekend that most sports fans just LOVE; The NFL and college football are starting their seasons, and Major League Baseball is heading into their stretch run.   It's a great time to be a fan, and an even GREATER time to be a sports bettor.  So many games on the big board, and so little time to place those wagers on our favorite selections.

That's the main reason that three staff members (myself included) decided to make that short run to "Sin City" late one Friday night, once another one of the Aces Casino star-studded Orange County casino night parties came to a close.  Normally, traffic to Vegas can be a pain, but we weren't leaving until Midnight, so we assumed that this would be a quick trip to Vegas, a trip made even quicker by, shall we say, "exceeding the speed limit."

THAT was "Bad Decision Number One."

Not long into the trip, a California Highway Patrol cruiser spotted us doing about 85 on I-15, somewhere around Riverside county.  THAT was "Bad Decision Number Two."  Soon, it was lights and siren, we pulled over, and a very hospitable officer wrote this reporter a ticket for the speeding, warned us to be a little more careful, and sent us on our way.

The stoppage really didn't hit us too hard as far as our schedule goes, so we were able to get back on the road, watch our speed, and make it to Vegas in time to get a room, grab 40 winks, get up the next morning, and spend three full days and nights betting games like crazy.  Did pretty good, too; hit three different parlays, cracked a few horse races, and hit the college and NFL games to the tune of a nine-win, two-loss result.  77% will always get it done.

Translation: We had a GREAT time..

We came home late that next Monday evening totally refreshed, and parted ways late that night boasting overall profits of about $600 each.  Then, when I returned home, I was reminded of the only glitch in our fun-filled weekend -- That speeding ticket that yours truly received during the trip to Las Vegas.

 It all seemed so "trivial" at the time...

Agh.....OK, Gotta do this...I looked for and found the ticket, and since it was issued in Riverside County, California, that's the court that I'll have to attend.  So, I looked it up, found it and found out where it was, and three weeks later, on a Friday, I officially visited the Riverside County Courthouse to deal with my ticket.  The person I talked to on the phone to verify the court's locatiuon warned me to be on time...

At 7 AM.

THAT'S Bad Decision Number 3.

Now, because of my employment at Aces Casino, the Orange County casino party kingpin, I tend to keep, shall we say, "late hours."  The events don't normally start until 7 or 8 O'Clock, aren't completed until past Midnight, and it takes a little time to properly dismantle the casino once the event is over.  Because of those loose facts, me being ANYWHERE by 7am, let alone Riverside, is a tough nut to crack.  But, I did the crime, gotta do the time.  Got up, and dragged myself out there, and brought a book with me (a trivia book), just in case there was some time to pass.

I get to the court, find the courtroom handling my speed-demonship, and when the doors open (at 7:20), I file in.

Me, and what seems like a hundred other people.  Oh, that's just GREAT.... Hope I'm in the first 10 or so, I have a lot of things to do back at Aces Casino that day.....

Anyway, we all sit down, and the bailiff comes out to talk to us.  He shows us the ropes, tells us how everything is going to go, but after about 5 minutes or so, he asks the group, "How many of you in this courtroom will need an interpreter when taking their turn with the judge?"

I kid you not.  99.99% of the hands were raised.  Only me, and what looked like five or six other people, DIDN'T raise their hands.  (Hey, if they don't speak English, how's they know to raise their hands?  Sorry, I digress....)  Upon seeing this, the bailiff tells us that this information is important to the court, because they need to know how long to keep the court's bilingual interpreter.  He then looks over at this man sitting at a table, and nods to him.

Then, it dawns on me.  They're going to take all the hispanic English-Challenged citizens first......Oh, my gosh....I look at my watch, it's now about 7:50AM, and the bailiff tells us, "OK, court will be in session in about 30 minutes."  Why?  He needs to process all these people first, I'm told.

GREEEEEAT.  This won't even START until around 8:30am, and I'm instantly looking like I'm at the back of the line, because I'm NOT in need of an interpreter.  I immediately jump up out of my seat, go out to my car, and grab my trivia book.  It's going to be a long, day, I can just feel it.

That's the only thing I got right all day.  At 8:30am, the judge shows up, and he has the Bailiff call the first name.  "Jose Garcia."  Yep, we have a winner.  He walks up, can't speak english, pleads his case, and gets some sort of fine.  I'd tell you what it was, but the damned courthouse proceedings are all in Spanish.  I'm looking for the "Subtitles" button on my invisible remote.  Nope, no dice.  I'm stuck.  The judge is speakin' english, but I can't tell you the answers that he's gettin'.

What transpires in the next four hours is one Spanish-speaking scofflaw after another, all needing the interpreter, all doing basically the same thing, and seemingly getting the same fine.  12:30 finally arrives.  LUNCH.  ANOTHER half-hour lost.  I'm not CLOSE to escaping this Night-Mare-O.  I don't know why they have a lunch break.  There's nowhere to eat, OR sit down.  They kick you out of the courtroom during lunch.

So, the doors open back up at 1:15pm.  Long lunch for his honor.  The remaining speeders and what-have-you people go back in, and I'm counting Hispanic heads.  16, 17, 18, OK, 19.  19 more, then the seven of us that are left.  Unfortunately for me, THESE 19 people seemingly have complicated cases.  They're ALL taking their time.  It's different Spanish (at least it SOUNDS like different Spanish words), and we now have an attorney or two, and HE'S speakin' Spanish.  The hands on the clock are spinning ....2:15 ....2:40 ......3pm...The Bailiff announces, "we'll try to get everyone in today."  You gotta be kidding me.....

I'm hot as a $2 pistol by now.  My entire day has been shot watching this Spanish "Soap Opera," and the last of the interpreter-clients doesn't step up until 3:35.  I'm frustrated, tired, and so hungry, I'm considering eating some of the trivia book by now.

Of the eight remaining people, I end up being NEXT TO LAST.  4:10pm.  I've been here NINE HOURS, and by now, I'm blaming everyone for this, including the three guys I went to Vegas with, the CHP, the Border Patrol, you name it.  I've read the book I brought TWICE by the time I finally get up in front of the judge.

He calls me by my last name, reads the citation as doing "90 in a 65 zone."  90?  Hell, my car can't even GO 90.  "I thought it was 85," I mention to the judge, and for the first time, this judge looks down at me, over his glasses.

I can tell he's not happy about my lil' outburst.  He starts going on this diatribe about speeders on California's freeway, and how much of a danger we are to the road, especially at night.  I'm looking at my watch as the diatribe goes on, and he tells me what this is going to cost me -- $175.00.  Now, I'm even MORE ticked at what's going on in the courtroom, and think back to that fateful night, when it looked to me like everyone ELSE on the I-15 that night was going about the same speed.....

It looks like he's finally done with me, after blaming me for everything from the uptick in traffic deaths in California to the Rams moving out of California...And that's when he asks me that fateful question.....

"Mr. Aces.....Do you have any questions before I rule?"

Boy, I wish he wouldn't have put it that way.  I'm so frustrated at this crazy day, that for some stupid reason, I thought of the book I brought with me.  "Yeah, I have a question," I responded to him.  "What major league baseball player hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, then never hit another in his long and storied baseball career, spanning over 20 years?"

I noticed the Bailiff and the court reporter WERE conversing with each other, but stopped talking when they heard what came out of my mouth.  They both looked at me, then looked at the judge, then looked at each other again, and it seemed like time had stopped on planet Earth.  Even the Spanish-speaking throng were quiet.  (I knew they could speak English.)  This hush over the courtroom lasted for quite awhile, until the judge spoke again......

"The answer to your question is Hoyt Wilhelm, Mister Aces, and, on top of your previous fine, that answer by this court will cost you a contempt-of-court citation.  Pay the bailiff on your way out."

Oh-my-GAWD.  Yep, that's the answer.  I can't believe I just did that.  The bailiff just starts laughing out loud, and the court reporter got a big kick out of it, too.  I shuffled over to the Bailiff's desk, where he asked me, "Is that the right answer?"

"Yes, it is," I responded.  "Damn, he IS good," the crusty bailiff snorted.  "Son, you picked on the wrong judge.  He knows his baseball.....," as he let out this hillbilly laugh once again.  What's the damage, you ask?  $175 for the speeding, and $389 for the contempt charge.   My winnings in Las Vegas.

I guess it could have been worse.  It could have been Judge Judy.  From this day on, I've ALWAYS driven under 65 MPH when going thru Riverside, watch every reality-show small-claims court TV episode waiting for someone else to do something stupid.  (And they do...)  That always makes me feel better.

Every time I hear Wilhelm's name I twitch, and reach for my wallet.

THAT was Bad decision number FOUR.  Just goes to show you, I'm much better blogging about Aces Casino, and am so glad the base of operations of the company isn't in Riverside County.  Yep, we do our Orange County casino party stuff right here in Whittier and Buena Park, thank you very much.

So much for my getting a job as a game show host or a stand-up comedian.  I still can't believe I did that inside that courtroom, but with every tough lesson learned, there's always a moral to the story -- When in doubt, pitch around the judge.  He can HIT.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Aces Casino "College Of Casino Game Knowledge:" The Fire Bet - What Is It, What Game Does It Come From, And How Do I Play? (Don't Worry, It's Easy.)

The "Fire Bet."

I know, it sounds like something "The Donald" came up with on his way to earning his first "Emmy" on the "Celebrity Apprentice."  (Ed. Note" He WISHES.)

"Put $5 on that Fire Bet, or you're FIRED!"

The Craps side wager known as the "Fire Bet" first made it's appearance about three years ago, and to some, it's an enticing lil' side bet. Yeah, we'll admit it - This one roped us in, in the interest of quality news reporting, of course.  Never let it be said that we don't play-test things every once in a while.  You know, take it for a little spin.  (Ed. Note: Here's the untold story - He lost his $5.) 

First, a little background on the "Fire Bet:"  Perry Staci, a Las Vegas casino supervisor, invented this new proposition bet for craps players that is already being promoted at Harrah's, the Sahara, and the Rio.  You can also find this intriguing side wager on the layout at The Cannery on the North side of Vegas.

The bet is that the shooter will be able to make 3, 4, 5 or 6 individual points after a point is established. There are two different pay tables, paying either 7, 25,250, and 1,000 for one, respectively, or 6, 10, 200, and 2,000 for one. The betting limits are $1 minimum and $5 maximum, so a $5 bet could win either $5,000 or $10,000, depending on the pay table.

Passes or Craps rolls on the Come Out Roll do not count, nor does making the same point more than once. Special pucks and a customized table layout are all part of Perry's new addition to the Proposition Box.
While having a shot at winning $10,000 on a craps table for a $5 bet is exciting,this bet is easily the worst one on the layout, with a house edge of 21 to 25%,depending on the pay table.

Oooh, Pretty!

Above, in the image provided, you can see the chip markers used on the Craps layout images to show how the current Fire Bets are doing on any subsequent roll.  These chips appear on the layout during any rolls that involve wagers on the Fire Bet, in order to keep track as to how the players' wagers are doing.  Now, those gamers interested in the numbers surrounding the wager need look no further than the good people over at the infamous "Wizard of Odds" gaming sites, who have broken this side bet down better than Albert Einstein could EVER hope for.  You can check out all the odds surrounding the "Fire Bet" right here.  The Wiz is the BEST, and being grounded in the numbers is important, especially when the hard-earned dollars in the pocket are concerned. 

That's all for our latest edition of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  In subsequent issues of the Aces Casino Blog, commonly known around these parts as the orange county casino party company "parakeet paper," we'll touch on some of the other interesting side bets involved in the game of Craps that you may or may not have heard of.   Craps can be a GREAT "impromptu wagering" game.  Side Bets galore.

So, to that end, we'll start our "Side Bet-A-Thon" marathon sometime down the road, we promise. But, next up, we take a look back at one of our all-time "Greatest Hits" classics - "The $389 Question."  Have a good weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: To Find Out Which Number Was "The Funniest Number On The Roulette Wheel," You Have To Go To The Right People. So, We DID.

We just LOVE Scott Roeben. 

Everyone here at Aces Casino Entertainment does.  He's the best.  And, the team here at the top orange county casino party company on the west coast still owes him lunch, but that story is for another time.

Yep, we love us some Scott Roeben.

And, if you ask yourself, "Who's That," you must not be a card-carrying member of the "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  You know!  SCOTT ROEBEN!  Come on, YOU remember him -- That's the man behind of of the wittiest, informative blogs on the planet -- "The Pulse Of Vegas Blog."  (Ed. Note: He's now writing exclusively for  It's been around longer than WE have, and they were the unwitting "guiding influence" in what made the Aces Casino Blog what it is today.  Without him, we ain't US in this glorious blogosphere.  (Ed. Note: Translation, we must be stealing copy from him.  I'm sure that Caesars Entertainment is gonna LOVE you.. And "blogosphere" is not a word, we're not paying for that.)

So, one day, while checking out Scott's blog, we find a GREAT story about what some people had decided was "the funniest number on the Roulette wheel."  BOOM.  Instant curiosity.  Turns out that the piece is about one of my favorite entertainers in movies - Mel Brooks.  So, with permission from Mr. Roeben and his award-winning blog, we proudly bring you some of the hilarious excerpts from that funny, insightful blog (with an assist from the people at YouTube, of course).  Enjoy.....


Everyone seems to have an opinion about what the luckiest number on a roulette wheel is. But here’s a fact about roulette you probably didn’t know: The funniest number on a roulette wheel is 32.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s something along the lines of, “Despite your being an award-winning Las Vegas blog, which orifice did you extract that from?” Actually, we didn’t just make that up. The number 32 has been deemed the funniest number on a roulette wheel by none other than a group of the most acclaimed comedy professionals in the history of funny.

Ya gotta admit it - That's pretty funny.

One of the most lauded shows on television, ever, was “Your Show of Shows.” It starred Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca, and the show’s writing staff was a who’s-who of the greatest comedic inkslingers ever to put yucks to paper.  Back in 1996, the Writers Guild of America gathered the former “Your Show of Shows” (and “Caesars Hour”) writers for a free-wheeling panel discussion. The panelists included Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Larry Gelbart, Mel Tolkin, Aaron Ruben, Danny Simon, Sheldon Keller and Gary Belkin.  (Ed. Note: Can you imagine having all of THOSE crazies on ONE stage?)

During their discussion, these masters of their comedic domain revealed they’d explored the question of which number on a roulette wheel is funniest, and landed upon 32. Take a look.

Best 1:42 I'll ever spend.

Ultimate insider trivia: After the Writers Guild event, the “Caesar’s Writers” panel was made available on VHS tape. The photo on the packaging was taken by none other than the "Pulse Od Vegas Blog," who served as the official photographer at the event. We are not making this up. Ah, the circularity of the universe. And don’t even get us started about the fact our roulette wheel photo, in a post about “Caesar’s Writers,” was taken at (wait for it) Caesars Palace.

So, now you know! Some always bet on red or black when they’re in Las Vegas, but this blog always bets on 32.


Outstanding piece from our friend from Glitter Gulch.  That's all for now....We'll be back at the ol' keyboard on Thursday with some actual thoughts of our OWN, this time, straight from the offices of Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leaders.  We're on a 72-hour break..... (Ed. Note: We're not paying for THAT, either.)  See you then!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog "Blast From The Past:" In the End, Officer John McClane Really Didn't Say Much (Which Proves that Actions DO Speak Much Louder)

It IS true.

Without QUESTION, we have the greatest job in the world.

I tell that to anyone that'll listen, and, after seeing the top los angeles casino rental company in the industry at work, 99.99 people wholeheartedly agree. (My wife's the lone dissenter, but there's a story for another blog....Grin)

Because of the industry we toil in, we here at Aces Casino get the chance on many occasions to mingle with the hoi-polloi of Hollywood, at one of the gazillion fund raising opportunities that the SoCal movie studios, actors, and directors put together every year. Great fun for a great cause, and NO ONE does it like Tinseltown.

So, when we do our thing at one of the many Vegas Night casino events each year, invariably, one of our attendees at the party always seems to ask the same question, when it comes to our many brushes with stardom: "Hey, Aces Casino, what's your favorite celebrity-driven story?" And my answer is always the same -- Hands down, it's the story of "The Wrap Party at the Queen."

Back in the mid-90's, we were contracted by Cinergi Pictures to put on a casino night on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, to celebrate the wrapping up of the soon-to-be-released flick, "Die Hard With A Vengeance," the third film of a series of pictures starring Bruce Willis as tough-guy-cop John McClane. Wow...Bruce WILLIS? Heck, it's a good thing that Cinergi Pics didn't know how big a fan I was of the "Die Hard" series: I would have done the event for nothing. Just let us know the date, I said, and we're there.

 Yeah, that's the one.  That's even the correct "angle."

And, when you're the number one los angeles casino rental company in the biz, the studios know that sometimes, these events get, shall we say, "a little kooky." Hey, the more, the merrier. That's what we live for. Bring it on, and sure enough, Cinergi did.

Beautiful night, we've got about 30 tables on the ship for the event, some inside, some outside on the North deck of the ship. I'm the Pit Boss for the event (Gawd, I hate that title. I much rather prefer 'glorified chip caddy.') so I oversee all that is necessary to make the event run as smooth as our los angeles casino rental company can make it.

With events as big as this there are actually more than one "pit" for the evening, and i'm working the inside setup for Cinergi. Suddenly, in my communications headset, I hear the following request: "Uhh, Aces, you'd best come out to Pit Two."

No prob, it's only about 30 yards away, on the outside deck. Out the door I go, and as I near "Pit Two," I notice something that I didn't remember being there when the event began.

Or, should I say something NOT being there.

For, as I walk up to one of our dealers in our outside BJ team (I'll have to clear it with her to make sure she's cool with the re-telling of the tale), I notice that she's holding her chip tray in both hands. She HAS to do this, because the Blackjack table that she was assigned to work at ISN'T THERE ANY LONGER.

"Uhh, excuse me, "I ask her, calmly. "Umm, girl, what happened to your table?"

And, with a tear in her eye, she said those immortal words that made history at Aces Casino. "Bruce Willis threw it overboard!"

She points to an area over the side of the ship, as when I look over, yep, there it is. One of our gorgeous black gaming cloth beauties, floating to the bottom of Long Beach harbor. Well now, I say to myself....There's something you don't see every day.

 "Yeah, I did it.  Got somethin' to say?"

My mind races with numerous thoughts, most dealing with what has to be the first question i'd dare to ask, like, "How did it happen." But, before I could turn and ask our table-less dealer about the flying BJ table, I receive a tap on the shoulder.

I turn around, and "Voila." I'm face to face with Officer John McClane himself, Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, this story doesn't need to elaborate much from this point, because, when I DID turn around from his tap, all he did was slowly slide what turned out to be seven $100 bills into my front shirt pocket, pat me on the shoulder with a grin on his face, turn around, and walk off.

Turns out, Willis had been having a horrible streak of luck at the table he was playing at (A.K.A. the "flying table"), and had warned our dealer that if she drew to 21 on him one more hand, he was going to take the blackjack table, and throw it overboard. She did, so HE did. Sploooosh.

Well, needless to say, Mr. Willis turned out to be a gracious loser (especially because the chips are fake), but, as luck would have it, I never got to ask HIM the one question that i've had for all these years.

"How did you get talked into making that AWFUL 'Hudson Hawk'?"

Well, now that it's all said and done, i'm actually pretty happy that I DIDN'T get my fifteen seconds of fame with Bruce Willis. He might have thrown ME overboard as well. Oh, and we actually DID try to to retrieve the most famous Blackjack table in Hollywood the next day, but the QM security team informed us that retrieval of our table would be impossible, because of the "Moat Monsters."

I kid you not. True story, but when it comes to the Moat Monsters, we'll have to tell THAT part another time. Suddenly, I have a hankering for a "Die Hard DVD Marathon." So says the owner of the wettest BJ table in the los angeles casino rental industry.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Brush Up On Your Trivia Knowledge, My Friends - It's Time To Take On Our "Top Ten Blackjack Trivia Questions." (Open Book.)

Occasionally, we here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino party leaders, will overhear what we'd classify as a "spirited discussion" about some of the casino games that our play-for-fun casino team offers to the masses all across this great state of California, specifically, Southern California.  (Yes, we do service the los angeles casino party area as well.  VERY well, we might add.)

At a recent event in Anaheim, it seemed that the "topic of the day" was Blackjack, one of the staples of the casino gaming industry.  Boy, were the inaccuracies about the game of Blackjack flying around the room THAT night.... (grin)

Here at Aces Casino (the orange county casino night leader), we take pride in our ability to keep all of our many Blog-Readers as well as our many clients here in southern California mentally sharp and ready to do battle in the Vegas casinos.  So we thought, "what better way to do THAT than by testing our casino party flock from time to time?" Here, it doesn't COST you anything.  The price is right, so to speak....

Yeah, we thought it was a great idea, too. We already test the SoCal masses at our just-for-fun casino tables with live dealers; Why not add a written test to the "blog" mix? For the record, we'll be utilizing our Aces Casino Blog for all kinds of testing, reaching out to ALL of the casino games that you love to play. We just HAD to start with Blackjack, though. It's only fair.

For each of our "mid-term tests" that we'll propose over the coming weeks, the format will most likely remain the same; Ten questions, with all 10 questions dealing with the chosen game of the day, and all the questions being of the True/False variety. OK, if the orange county casino night Professor is ready, let's begin. (Ed. Note: all of the answers will appear at the end of the blog. No peeking.)

 Score well on our test, and pull up a seat right here.

OK, all you "expert Blackjack players:" The Professor is handing out the papers. Take one, and pass the rest back, please. It's time for all of you to take the Blackjack version of the "Aces Casino Mid-Term Gaming Test." Today's exercise deals with what most people consider the most popular game in Las Vegas -- 21, Blackjack.  Ready?  Begin.

Question 1. You should always hit a hand of 16 against a dealer's 10.

Question 2. A player that loses four hands in a row is due to win the next hand.

Question 3. It is not recommended to split 8's against a dealer's 10 or Ace.

Question 4. It doesn't matter which spot you sit down at when joining a game of Blackjack.

Question 5. You should always take even money when you have a blackjack and the dealer's up-card is an Ace. (2-point question.)

Question 6. Referring to a strategy card while playing at a Las Vegas casino Blackjack table is perfectly legal.

Question 7. A Blackjack player who is misplaying their hands will always cause the other players at the table to lose.

Question 8. The house edge against the player changes, depending on how many decks are used at the table.

Question 9. A Blackjack player that enters the game in the middle of a shoe will change the flow of the cards and ultimately alter the game in favor of the casino.

Question 10. When splitting Aces at the table, you are only allowed one up card per Ace.

OK, let's see how you did. I'm SURE that our students know their Blackjack. (Aren't we? Gee, I hope so....Grin)


Question 1. FALSE. Did we get you already? Yes, surprisingly, that IS false. Remember, some casinos in Las Vegas use what is called the "Surrender" play at the table, where you can surrender half of your bet before hitting or standing. If you have 16 and the dealer is showing a ten, "Basic Strategy" suggests the player "surrender."

Question 2. FALSE. The deck of cards has no idea how the previous hands were dealt or played. Therefore, there is no mathematical theory around that has EVER suggested that this could possibly be true. Nope, false.

Question 3. Sorry, that's FALSE, too. Basic Strategy suggests that you do just that -- Split 'em. Look it up. I ain't lyin', here.

Question 4. TRUE. I'm sure that some might think the 3rd-base position is where the experts should play, but your personal chances of winning have nothing to do with actual seat position. Math wins again.

Question 5. FALSE. People, you're giving the house back a significant edge if you take the "even money" bait. ALWAYS take the 3-to-2 odds in your favor. Remember, thirteen possible cards under the dealer's hand, and only 4 of them make Blackjack (10-J-Q-K). Take the 3-to-2, baby. Two points for getting this one right.

Question 6. TRUE. I know you've heard all of the card-counter stuff, but here's the straight dope; having a basic strategy card to assist in your play is not only legal, but a VERY good idea.

Question 7. FALSE. Who told you THAT lie? Believe me, you have to take all of the superstition out of your game, if you believe this one. Doesn't matter if you're playing with rocket scientists or Raider fans: Those other players do NOT change your odds of winning. Trust me.

Question 8. TRUE. The house edge DOES change when fewer decks are used. Check out this link to see how much the differences are between using one deck and using an eight-deck shoe.

Question 9. FALSE. The flow of the cards dealt out might change, but there's no way to predict if this helps or hurts the players. Think about it.

Question 10. TRUE. Las Vegas casinos only allow the one mandatory card on each Ace. I know, sometimes you wish you could hit again. Uh-uhh. Nope, no-can-do. Aces Casino wouldn't be doing it's orange county casino night job right, if we weren't trying to help out a lil' bit.

Well, how did you do? Hopefully, you all scored a perfect "11." Come back any time, we're always discussing your favorite games here at the Aces Casino Blog.  Have a favorite game that you'd like to see the Aces Casino team put through it's paces in testing form?  Drop us a line on the Aces Casino web site link attached to our blog, and let us know!  That's what we're here for - Fun and GAMES!  (And an occasional pop-quiz.)

And... Speaking of fun and games -- We'll be back on Thursday with still MORE goofy blog content.  We'll see you later!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog "College of Casino Game Knowledge:" A New Look In The Area of Slot Machines - "They're Not ALL Bad." (Or, ARE They?)

Here at the offices of Aces Casino Entertainment (Long-known as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast - Come on, who ELSE does in-depth, informative casino blogs?), we love to show the people of southern California that the Casinos in Las Vegas are BIG for a reason -- The casinos have the odds in their favor.  They're in the business to win.  Some people consider these games as "bad."

Well, not always.

I'm here to tell you that sometimes, the games in your favorite casinos are pretty good.  And -- So is the content of this blog from the best Orange county casino night party company in SoCal.   We just keep rollin' out the winners, my friends.  Today, we move back into one of our favorite subjects -- "The Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge."  And, not just in any general area of casino gaming; This month the "College" touches on a subject that hasn't been breached before -- 

Slot Machines.

Now, for this crew here at Aces Casino, we've always loved us some coin-operated machinery, but not necessarily the one-armed bandits.  That changes today, my friends.  In today's issue of the Aces College of Casino Game Knowledge, we look at two important aspects of slot machine play -- Slot machine money management, and the Random Number Generator, and what IT means to us, the players of these enticing machines.

Some tips on surviving your next big slot machine session

--- Only play machines that will pay back 95 to 99 percent of the coins played. Usually these types of slot machines are of the higher denomination. Therefore you will want to look for the dollar slots, which are the most popular among those that pay out at the high percentage.

--- Choose a loss number! Do not let your pride get in the way of knowing when to quit. For example, you can set a loss number at eight or ten spins. If your machine does not hit a winning combination after your set loss number you can simply move on to another machine. You may have to change casinos if that’s what it takes to win.

 What happened in the past when players didn't hit winning combinations.

--- Play non-progressive machines. Progressive slot machines are normally set by the RNG (random number generator) which will result in a higher number of reels and symbols. Players are better off playing the flat top machines.

--- Ask your friendly casino employee if they can help you find a loose slot machine. Hey, there’s an old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” You never know, a casino employee could help you become a millionaire! Make sure you offer them a cut of the action if you win.

Casinos are very strategic as well when it comes to the actual physical placement of their slot machines. If you are looking for loose slots (who doesn’t?) then focus on the following four areas in the casino:

--- First, the change booths or cashiers area are a hot spot for loose slots because casinos want people to see winners and immediately see where they can get change to play.

--- Secondly, look for displayed or featured machines with huge prizes on top as these tend to be loose to attract players. If you notice, most of these slot areas are packed with people just waiting to get a seat. Casinos know that eventually players will get impatient and stray to other tighter slot machines.

--- The third area to find loose slots in a casino is near the coffee shops, caf├ęs, and snack bars. The idea is to motivate people to eat quickly and get back to playing those winning slot machines!

--- Finally, keep an eye out for loose slots near the casino “crosswalks” which are the cross sections between different areas of slot machines. The casino management will purposely place a couple loose machines at the front or near the beginning of a slot section to lure players. Yeah, it works well as we tend to follow the sound of money!

The Random Number Generator

In the old days of the slot machine world it was a common thought that odds on a machine had to do with the amount of symbols on each reel. However, in today’s technologically improved modern slot machines it is no longer the case. Before, when slot machines were operated by mechanical devices, reels, and levers the players would assume that their odds were totally dependant on the reel and symbols. Now, slot machines are all computer driven.

We still can't fit this computer into the slot machine. When they do, I quit.

RNG stands for random, number generator which is actually a microchip that acts as the nucleus of the slot machine. This microchip is the single most important part of today’s slot machines and video poker machines. Why? The random number generator is responsible for every result after a player pushes the button or, (if the casino still has some) pulls the lever.

A computer programmer at the factory programs the RNG or assigns it certain combinations for every situation that may occur on the reels. The RNG reacts immediately after the first coin is dropped into the slot machine. It doesn’t matter if you are playing three coins for one spin, the RNG will stay the on the same programmed combination until that spin is finished. The programmer has assigned numbers for all combinations and the RNG even searches for numbers when no one is playing the game.


Fantastic stuff, isn't it?  Some people have no idea just how much thought goes into those one-armed bandidos, but we've known it for some time.  That's why we don't normally offer slot machines in our casino game packages here in California.  (Ed. Note: Yeah, that, and It's illegal to operate machines like those without being part of an indian gaming consortium.)

Well, that'll do it for another edition of the Aces Casino "College of Casino Game Knowledge."  If you're new to the blog, we'll dust off one of these lil' casino ditties from time to time, as only this Orange County casino party company can do.  We'll be back on Monday with more "scintillating" blog copy - It'll be time to test your "Blackjack Trivia" knowledge....  See you then!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Nothing Gets Us More Fired Up Than Getting "Cheated" At Certain Games - Or, In This Case, The Neighborhood Skill Crane Game

(Ed. Note: We're going to do this first part quickly, and quietly -- We sincerely apologize for the two-month vacation that our blog team took from their appointed rounds.  Rest assured that all of our blog team are alive and well.  Well, PHYSICALLY well... You know what we mean.)

Here at the Whittier offices of Aces Casino Entertainment (well-known as the top Orange County casino party company on the west coast), we've always welcomed suggestions from the masses that follow our irreverent blog that concern what we call the "Judge Judy-isms" of the gaming industry.

Simply put, we HATE it when people feel that they've been cheated when playing games.

Sure, we've documented various attempts by the casinos of this great world we live in to relieve us of our hard-earned dough by nefarious methods.  But, believe me, THIS Orange County casino night organization doesn't stop at righting the wrongs of those cheatin' gamblin' halls.  We've recently found out first-hand that there is ANOTHER nefarious scheme to pick the pockets of those of us that have, shall we say, some "disposable income" saved for our gaming habits.

That's why it HURTS us to bring this new situation to light here on our blog, but right is right.

Skill cranes are RIGGED.

Oh, my gosh... SAY NOT SO.  Now, I know what you're thinking -- "How can you be so naive to NOT know that skill cranes have a built-in bias against the player?"  Hey, sue me.  Yes, I know that is seemed more likely than not that every skill crane that I'VE sunk a dollar or two into appeared to have a severe case of "Crane Arthritis," and couldn't pick up a piece of candy without struggling mightily, but THIS?

I can't believe it.  Skill cranes are the "slot machine" of the arcade industry.

I was just perusing the web the other day, when a headline located on an interesting web site called caught my eye -- "Skill Cranes Are Rigged."  Yeah, I know.  Anti-grab-itis, I've seen it.  But no, THAT'S not the WORST part.  The damned things are SET to fleece me.  What I assumed was just random bad clutching play that beset every machine I had ever seen was just scratching the surface.

Here's a snippet from's article on the matter...... "The machine's owner can fine-tune the strength of the claw beforehand so that it only has a strong grip a fraction of the time that people play.  The owner can manually adjust the "dropping skill," as well. That means that on a given number of tries, the claw will drop a prize that it's grabbed before it delivers it to you.  The machines also allow the owner to select a desired level of profit and then automatically adjust the claw strength to make sure that players are only winning a limited number of times."

Come to find out, this information is actually publicly available information, pulled straight from the instruction guides for the biggest claw games out there. Open the manual for Black Tie Toys' Advanced Crane Machine. Look at page eight, section subheading "Claw Strength":

Exhibit A -- My $7 never had a chance.

Here's the Cliff's Notes explanation -- The machines can automatically adjust the "coil power," or the percentage of electrical power that goes into the claw in every attempt at pulling out a prize.  And not only THAT, but the machine ALSO can regulate how many times that the claw will pull what I call a "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fielding error," or specifically, how many times the damned claw will DROP the prize, before it gets to the prize drop zone.

Now, after taking THIS information into account, it's not a gigantic reach to assume that the makers of these "one-clawed bandits" have already figured out the probabilities and subsequent odds for these unmasked bandits.  Check out the table below...

Exhibit B -- Frank Rosenthal would be proud.

Yep.  It's true.  The proprietor can also make these adjustments with a simple test thru the machines' digital display on the front of the device.

Exhibit C -- Yeah, we pretty much have NO chance.

There you have it.  Naivete, be gone with you.  You know, I KNEW that something was not on the up-and-up when I was playing a skill crane over at the AMC Theaters at Downtown Disney.  I took my wife and two small children to go see a film last week ("Cinderella," which should now be known as the gold standard in the telling of that story) and happened across one of these robbery machines that was giving out Olaf dolls.  Now, I tell ya, who WOULDN'T want an Olaf doll?  Well, wifey wanted one, so, here I go, remembering my history with these machines.   I may know the Orange County casino party biz, but Skill Cranes have been my Achilles' heel.

My history, you ask?  Something like oh-for-150.  Never one winner in a skill crane, unless you count the candy machine over at Camelot, that guarantees you a win.  It keeps trying until you get a piece of candy.  True story -- I got a piece of candy on my 26th CHANCE.  THAT'S how bad I am with the "crane."

So, $1 into the machine, and I move the crane over to an Olaf.... Down the crane goes, and actually GRABS the Olaf!  It picks it up off the ground, and Olaf is getting ready to move toward the prize drop....When suddenly, and with the impact of what looked like a 6.0 earthquake, the crane fumbled the toy.  Olaf dropped to the floor of the crane, and the Angels' Error Curse lived to see another day.

$6 more was put into the machine, but it was too late.  "Crane Arthritis" had set in, and the die was cast.  Olaf was NOT coming to this bloggers' domicile, and I would again be relegated to sleeping on the couch.  Seven dollars of disposable income had been spent, with nothing to show for it.

Am I bitter?  Nah... Now that I know the score.  Skill cranes, and keno.  I got this.

It's good to be back, my friends.  Our thanks to everyone at Aces Casino Entertainment for all their kind words and for welcoming us back.  We're back on the job at the best Orange County casino night party company in the biz.  We'll see you on Thursday with a look back at some of our favorite casino-based subjects.  See you then!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Post-Mortems On The Previously Mentioned Super Bowl Pick -- "Hey, She didn't Want To Do it." (Yeah, That's Pretty Much It.)

Well, you can't blame us for trying.

Just taking this moment here at Aces Casino Entertainment (Our favorite Orange County casino party company) to historically document what transpired with our annual (and undefeated) selection of the NFL's Super Bowl game.

Yeah, we kinda left all of our followers hanging... Here's what happened.  First off, Aces Casino did NOT end up making a Super Bowl prediction for the first time in our history.  It was just not meant to be.  After finding out that the animal that had made our selection for the 2013 season was not going to be made available to us (they wanted to be PAID), we decided to go with our local mascot, "Honey."  (Ed. Note: Our esteemed owner's dog.  Yeah, I could have told ya that wouldn't work.)

The day for the selection came (the Thursday before the game), and we took out the two helmets of the two combatants, placed them far apart so the selection would be obvious, placed Honey's favorite food in front of both helmets and waited for her to make the company's official selection.

And waited.  AND WAITED.

She sat there, proceeded to lay down, and didn't move.  Honey eventually went to sleep, giving us what turned out to be a false prediction on how exciting the game might be.  We waited for about 40 minutes until the dog woke up, turned around and walked away.

No pick.

We decided to try one more time the next day (Friday, two days before the game).  Noon-time on Friday, we set up the same scenario, helmets, food, dog.  Pretty much, we suffered an unfortunate repeat of Thursday's prior attempt.  Honey just didn't want to do it.  She wasn't hungry (which, it itself, is a statement we thought we'd NEVER utter out loud), and was NOT interested in taking that 7-foot walk toward EITHER of the helmets.  (Ed. Note: Can't blame her.  The owner's a Charger fan.)

What happened next was straight out of the Twilight Zone.  "OK, the dog is out for the pick.  Who's making the pick for the company?"  Five people attended Friday's Super Bowl selection process, and when the group was asked which one of them was willing to sacrifice the company's perfect 20 wins, no losses Super Bowl prediction record by making the companies' official game selection, the room fell eerily quiet.

"I'm not going to make the pick.  YOU'RE new around here, YOU make the pick!" 

"Not ME.  YOU make it, it's YOUR company!"

And at THAT precise moment, we all knew what was about to NOT happen.  Aces Casino, the Orange County casino night party leader, was not going to make any Super Bowl pick for the 2014 season.

The world was on it's own.  I can't blame the guys and gal for declining to make a selection in the name of Aces Casino Entertainment.  If it would have lost, the resulting clamor would have been AWFUL for the select-ee.  2014 was going to turn into "the year of the abstention."

So, there you have it.  The company's Super Bowl prediction record now officially sits at 20 wins, no losses, with one abstention.  Still undefeated, but basking in the knowledge that we need to make SURE next time that our chosen selector is ready to make the pick.  And, if not, we MUST have the ability to provide a back-up selector, in case the chosen person / animal decides not to participate,

We got this.  We shall return in 2015, undefeated record intact.

Just a small blurb before we leave you on this glorious Easter Sunday -- Tomorrow, we'll have the first edition of the Aces Blog returning after a two-month hiatus with a hilarious look at the dubious records involving (of all things) skill cranes.  Then, on Thursday, we'll be back with a look at our "blast from the past" series.  We're back on twice-weekly blog-casts.  Here's hoping all of our friends and family will have a wonderful Easter.  See you tomorrow!