Monday, January 26, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: Alas, Those Looking For Our Annual Super Bowl Pick Might Have To Wait Just a Few More Hours....Technical Difficulties, You Know.

Sometimes, finding the right source for an incredibly important selection can be taxing.  That goes double for our team here at Aces Casino Entertainment, widely recognized as the top orange county casino night party company in the industry for over 21 years.  (Ed. Note: True story.)

If you're wondering just what "incredibly important selection" we're talking about, well.... It's just about time to reveal our selection as to who Aces Casino predicts will win the championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49, this Sunday.

And just WHY is this such an important selection, you may ask?  That's easy -- Since our inception as a casino night party company back in 1994, we've been providing our eclectic selections for the "big game" for some 20 years now.

And We're UNDEFEATED.  20-and-zero, 20 straight winners.

Now, granted, we've used some, umm, "unusual" strategy in order to make our annual selection on who we like in the game... (Those wondering just how we accomplish this task can check out some picks from the past on our blog here and here.)

Now, for 2015, we thought that, since we've had such incredible success with the use of animals in making these super-winning picks, that for Super-49, it MUST be time to start using the Aces Casino Entertainment official mascot, honey, the office dog.  I mean, why scour the nation from SoCal to the east coast, both north and south, and all points in-between, for the perfect pickers from the animal kingdom, when we had what HAS to be the best source of football prognostication wandering the halls of Aces Casino right here?

Honey.  Camera-Shy, As Usual.  How little we knew...

Yeah, that's her.  Now, please bear in mind that this selection of our pick to win the Super Bowl has ALWAYS meant a lot to us.  Hey, we're 20-and-oh..  Perfection.  So, just to be safe, we tried Honey out yesterday to find out who she liked in the Pro Bowl between "Team Irvin" (Michael Irvin, HOF-member) and "Team Carter" (Cris Carter, HOF-member).  She picked Team Irvin, who ended up winning a close game, 32-28.

That's good enough for us.  Now, we didn't shoot any footage of Honey making the pick for the Pro Bowl, because that pick didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, anyway.  So, today's the day, we thought.  We'll shoot footage on Monday of our pup-a-holic, Honey, making her official Super Bowl pick.  Cameras rolling, the stage is set....

And, on cue, she immediately sits down, then lies down, and goes to sleep.

No pick.

Now, we all looked at one another, and thought, "OK, well, we can't FORCE her to make the pick.  We'll wait for a few more minutes, and see what happens."  Problem with that is, nothing happened.  We had fed Honey before shooting this important cameo of hers, and she did what she normally does after eating -- Nothing.

Fifteen minutes of wasted footage, and no dice.  No pick.  Stop filming, and... Umm, OK, we'll try again tomorrow.  THIS time, BEFORE she eats her breakfast.

So, there you have it, my friends.  Those of you looking for a sure-fire way to get the lowdown on who's winnin' the big game will have to wait until tomorrow.  We'll shoot the footage, and do the deed 24 hours from now.  Thanks to all of you media types following this story -- We'll be back on Tuesday with our official Super Bowl 49 selection, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast (and not-so-good animal trainers), Aces Casino Entertainment!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Aces Casino Blog: There's No Better Way To Start The Aces Blog Season Better Than Our Infamous "College Of Casino Game Knowledge."

2015 is here, and the team over at Aces Casino (well-known for being the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) is all charged up and ready to roll into another great casino party season.  One big reason for this not-so-sudden show of optimism HAS to be the fact that Aces Casino Entertainment is the best at not only putting on these crazy casino night parties, but also TEACHING everyone about not only the games that we love to play, but the history behind the games that make the casinos of Las Vegas and around the world what they are today.

With that in mind, let's start off the 2015 Aces Casino Blog season with one of our favorite topics -- The "Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge!"  This is one of the ways that our team can teach the games BEFORE you hit the tables.... In this Monday's episode, we'll go back to early 20th-century history, and the "gambling ships" that sounded like a lot of fun!

No doubt about it -- Here at Aces Casino, the place widely recognized as the top orange county casino party company  in southern California, we're big on history -- Specifically the history surrounding the casino gaming industry and the many games that we love to play.  At one of our casino night events held recently, some questions arose that centered around OUR favorite stories regarding this relatively short, but interesting history surrounding west coast casino gaming.

When my response to their inquiry brought up "The Battle of Santa Monica Bay," you could hear a pin drop.  Quizzical looks were aplenty, as everyone looked at me and asked their one-word question.... "What??" 

"You've never heard of The Battle of Santa Monica Bay,?" I responded as if I was dumbfounded, yet with a slightly sarcastic tone.  "Why, It's only the greatest southern California naval battle in the HISTORY of Los Angeles casino gaming!"  To which our Aces Casino crew said, "Blarney!  But tell us more about this 'Battle of Santa Monica Bay,' Aces...."  (Ed. Note: Yeah, It's true.... I'm the one that asked.  Sue me, I had never heard the story.)

Why, I'll be happy to tell you, my friends... The story goes something like this.... Back in the 1920's and 1930's, way before Las Vegas was truly born, and right smack-dab in the middle of prohibition  (Ed. Note: back in your teenage years, I'm guessing...hehe), the L.A. residents from that time period loved to take a lil' drink (which were against the rules of prohibition) and play those famous games of chance that we all know so well (Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and the like), which were truly outlawed by the staunch rules against gambling in Los Angeles County.

That's where a man named Tony Cornero came in.

You can guess which one is Tony "The Hat" Cornero.

Tony Cornero wasn't big on the laws of L.A. at the time, and thought he had figured out a way to beat the system -- Gambling ships.  He came up with the idea that went something like this; If maritime laws allowed the playing of games of chance in international waters, than why doesn't someone get a big boat that's loaded with game tables and slot machines, float it out about 3.1 miles off the coast in Santa Monica bay, and "Viola!"  Meet the gambling ship "Rex," and instant floating casino. 

Not exactly the Disney "Fantasy," but not bad for the 1930's.

For it's day, the "Rex" had all the amenities that gambling buffs and top-notch Hollywood stars were looking for, and at just some 3 miles away from the Santa Monica pier, it (as well as three other ships known for providing the same mode of entertainment) was within easy reach of the "water taxis" of the time.  And, boy, did Mr. Cornero advertise his wares in the local papers....

Tell me you wouldn't want to catch a water taxi, and check this out.

Unfortunately for "The Hat," the then-California Attorney General, Earl Warren was NOT too hep or big on Cornero and his floating casino in Santa Monica Bay.  He set out to take "The Hat" down, and the way he did it was a stroke of genius.  You can read all about "The Battle Of Santa Monica Bay" by using this link.  It's a great piece of L.A. history, and no one tells it better than "LAIST."   Oh - But, before we go, we have to share one more photograph taken during former Attorney General Warren's raid that fateful day in 1939.  Here's a warning to those of you that love to gaze at vintage slot machines; You may want to turn away from the screen.....

Bet "The Hat" didn't dig THIS.  So sad to see...

And just for reference.... Those of you out there that are wondering why Aces Casino Entertainment goes the extra mile to bring these fun and informative stories to our long-time Aces Blog, when other companies can't even spell the word, "Blog" -- We love going the extra mile for ALL of our clients, as well as prospective clients.  Heck, out top-viewed blog entry of all time is the one about the three things that everyone should look into when hiring a good casino party company.  Our competitors are learning the ropes thru us; what do they say?  "Often imitated, never duplicated."  Every client of ours finds this out eventually -- We're NOT like ANY other casino party company out there.  We love what we do, and we do it well.  THAT'S why we're the top-rated orange county casino party company in the biz... OK, brag over.

That's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed our little Aces Casino Blog trip down memory lane.... We'll be back on Thursday with another "scintillating" blog entry from the top orange county casino night party company in SoCal, as we continue our January "College of Casino Game Knowledge" series.  See you then!