Friday, September 26, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Eighteen Days In "Sick Bay," And I Can't Find My Desk Under All These Papers

Wow... OK, all we can say is, that "Flu" is a KILLER.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  To be honest, this is yours truly's first day back, and I'm actually still not 100%, but how tough can it be to type some blather from the top orange county casino party company on the west coast?

Actually, it IS tough.  Aces Casino deserves better than this scatter-brained sickie, so we're going to jot down a few thoughts, and then, I'm going home.  Shouldn't be here.  OK, some random posts for the ol' orange county casino night company that paid me, even when I wasn't here (told ya this place rocks!)....

 ---- The Chargers are 2-and-1, the Buena Park Coyotes are 4-0, and the Angels locked up home field for the playoffs.  I missed going to all of these games (especially the Coyotes' games), but maybe they're all better off if I didn't jinx 'em.  Life is good...

---- Thank goodness the NFL's playing games again and keeping the commish away from the podium, answering questions about the state of the league's policies on spousal abuse.  (Ed. Note: Gotta let the laws of the land take the first shots against the bad guys...)

---- The December calendar here at Aces Casino looks like the "Big Board" from Wall Street.  If you're thinking of getting Aces Casino to do your holiday event, you'd best speed up your process....

That's all for now.  Boss says come back Monday, and give a full blog article.

OK.  Can do. 

Have a good weekend, and we'll see you (hopefully) next week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Well, This Is What Happens When Your Office Computer Turns Into The Office's Largest Paperweight (And/Or a GREAT Door Stop)


OK, we admit it.  We blew it. 

OK, I admit it.  I blew it.

I torched the Aces Casino computer system.  It's not necessary to into details (Ed. Note: He spilled coffee on it.), but what's done is done, and we're finally back on-line with our irreverent blog.  We've truly missed blabbing about how great our orange county casino night party company is and has been for some 20 years now, and it feels good to actually be back on the ol' 'net.

Basically, this blog submission is just a test to make sure that we're back up and running, so check in with us tomorrow (our normal blog submission date, Thursday), and we'll have something scintillating for the masses to partake of.  Or, it'll be dumb and boring, like normal.  One way or the other, the blog is BACK, and we'll be touching base on some of our fave orange county casino party company topics in less than 24 hours. 

Take care, wish me luck that I stop being clumsy, and we'll see you on Thursday!