Monday, July 7, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Day 127 of SkyVue "Web Cam Gate" - They Haven't Thrown In The Towel Yet (But They Should Be Warming Up In The Bullpen)

OK, show of hands... Who out there remembers "SkyVue?"  No, no, all of you team members of Aces Casino (the top orange county casino party company on the west coast) can put your hands down; You're not eligible for the "SkyVue Web-Cam Ghoul-Pool" prize.

For those of you that are not indoctrinated into our little Las Vegas "Obsession," feel free to check out some of the old blog posts re: the High Roller vs. the World's Largest Slingshot located in our slightly irrelevant blog.... (Ed. Note: There are a ton of links to our inane coverage of this "space race" in the Aces Blog archives...)

Today, we lost two of our co-favorites in the SkyVue pool, as the ol' webcam that came online to marvel about the "slingshot" some two years ago is now still up and chronicling the constant lack of effort in re-starting construction.

Ahh, the good old days... When the scaffolding was still up.

There are still 173 entrants that are still in the "when will the webcam quit" pool, with three more up for elimination this week.  Things will start getting much tighter in October, when a lot of the remaining players will come up to bat.  (Ed. Note: We've considered guarding the cam in Vegas in three months.  Hey, if we're considering doing and event in Minnesota, we're obviously up for anything.)

So... For those of you that wish to play along, we'll drop the link to the SkyVue webcam HERE (Ed. Note: Entries for the trip to Vegas ARE closed, but sure, you can play along.)

Hey - We're leaving!  That's all from the top orange county casino night party crew on the west coast.... We're back on Thursday with another edition of the Aces Casino College of Casino Game Knowledge.  We'll see you on Thursday! 

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