Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aces Casino "College Of Casino Game Knowledge:" Anybody Interested In Trying Out a Game They've Never Heard Of? Well, There's Always "Wild 52!"

Any time a new casino game hits the streets of Las Vegas, the ever-curious crew over at Aces Casino Entertainment gets pretty excited.  Hey - It's not every day that the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast gets to take a shot at "trying out something new."

Well, semi-new, anyway.

About three years ago, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino debuted a game called, "Wild 52."  Well, the brass here at Aces Casino loved it, but it appears that not too many people have still had the chance to witness the game in all it's glory.   Hey, we can fix that with a "stroke of the pen," so to speak.  So, anyone interested in finding out more info on Wild 52 can check out this lil' YouTube ditty created by super-blogger Scott Roeben over at Vital Vegas.

"Wild 52."

Our staff has an event this weekend in Whittier, so we've decided to offer "Wild 52" for a moment or two for some soon-to-be-intrigued guests.  We'll let you know how the game is received.  Looks pretty fun to us...

That's all from the desk of The Aces Casino Blog.  Back on Monday with more "informative fodder"  (Ed. Note: 'Fodder' is not a word.) from our award-winning orange county casino party company.  Have a good weekend, we'll see you back here on Monday!

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