Monday, June 16, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: We Never Thought That The Word "The" Could Cause Such a Commotion In Cyberspace. (And, As Usual, We Were Dead Wrong.)

Aces Casino Entertainment just celebrated it's 20th year in the orange county casino party business last week, and we are so proud of our reputation in our chosen field, and our non-stop commitment to excellence that Aces Casino brings to each and every event that we've done over these last two decades.  It shows our pride and extensive knowledge that we bring to everything we do here.

Well, NEARLY everything we do here.

It seems that there's one area of expertise that has escaped us from time to time, an area that has nothing to do with the BUSINESS side of our multiple award-winning orange county casino night party company.   High-End, lavish, wonderful Las Vegas Night Events, we know.

It's Cyberspace, that we're still a little hazy on.

Sigh... It's official.  We're "dummies."  I still don't get it.

First off, there's good news here..... Early on, we scoured southern California for the best IT company in the business to handle our web marketing via the internet and social media. And, we found that company right away -- Rich Stark, of Stark Logic in Oceanside.  Now, we're not doing this Aces Casino Blog article to throw out commercials, but since we've mentioned Rich, we MUST say to anyone that's interested that he and his team IS, without question, the BEST Information Technology company that money can buy.

Rich is, and had always been fantastic.  But, OUR ability as being tech-savvy?  Ummm, not so good.

Now, Rich tried so very hard to teach us what to do with social media, with IT, and especially the value of Aces Casino Entertainment providing a twice-weekly blog like our parakeet paper, the Aces Casino Blog.  He has taught us everything we know. 

Which, unfortunately, still ain't much.

That brings us to present day, and something that happened about a month or so ago.  We were notified that our Aces Casino Blog domain name needed to be renewed, which turned out to be tougher than we thought.  We were met with countless obstacles in trying to get to the right place to actually pay the money and renew the blog domain, with no luck.  (Ed. Note: It had something to do with changing their system, but I couldn't figure it out, either.)  Rich did his best to tell us where to go and what to do, but we ended up in cyberspace Hades with links that kept telling us to click here, click there... It was an endless loop that got us nowhere.

Alas, the expiration date came and went.  Our dumb little Blog link failed to renew.

So... We figured that, with the domain expiring, we could just go onto the king of domain site sellers, "," and buy it there.  Surely, we'd be the only one interested in having the "Aces Casino Blog" name.  So, we went onto GoDaddy, and found out something interesting.....

Someone else got into the site before we did, and snapped up our domain name. 

I guess that, in the domain name biz, that some sites can appear to be worth some bucks, because of the traffic the sites get.  Now, when it comes to our blog, we thought the domain name would be worth about $.03, considering our "terrific" content.

Wrong again.... Unfortunately, we were the victim of two things -- 1) Our success in creating this goofy blog that has a lot of followers, and 2) Our lack of knowledge at finding and renewing the dopey domain name in the first place.

Well, sure enough, the new buyer of the domain name contacted us, and asked if we'd like to buy the domain name from him.  Now, you may think that we'd be ticked off, or saddened, or whatever.... Nope.  We were pleasantly surprised that this fine gentleman thought so highly of our domain name, that he'd sell it back to us for some five-figure amount. 

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know our owners very well.  They immediately went back into GoDaddy, bought the domain name "The Aces Casino," and told the profit-hunting gentleman that our blog wasn't WORTH $20K, and that we had already purchased the domain name we wanted in the first place.

Now, when we heard that the old domain site was worth that much to someone, we thought that it was time to "strike while the iron was hot."  We told the bosses that our Aces Casino Blog Crew had created this baby from scratch, and over these many years of toiling at the keyboard, had turned the Aces Casino Blog into a real moneymaker.  It was time for a raise, we thought.

Until these same bosses told us that it was OUR fault that we LOST the dumb domain name in the first place, and now, we had to pick up the pieces, actually LEARN a little bit about cyberspace, and consider ourselves lucky that we still HAD a job writing the Aces Blog.

Make that TWO things we weren't very good at -- Cyberspace, and Deal negotiating.  It's a good thing we know that orange county casino party business like no one else on the planet, or we'd be in trouble.  Craps table good, keyboard not-so-good....

Well, all's well that ends well.  "The Aces Casino Blog" is back up and running just like clockwork, the links all work fine, the traffic is back, and our new domain name is easy to interface with, and renew. 

That's all for now... We'll (hopefully) be back on Thursday with another edition of the "Blog."

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