Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Looking For a New Challenge in Zip-Lining? Check Out The Newest Tourist Attraction to Hit Downtown Las Vegas -- "SlotZilla!"

When the staff at Aces Casino Entertainment (The top orange county casino party company on the west coast) was asked about what they had heard was new to the Las Vegas scene, we expected to get responses about new hotels, the latest in the crazy Vegas nightclub scene, or some new casino games they had heard of but not yet played. 


It seems that most of the suggestions for the latest things that needed to be checked out the next time our team was heading to Las Vegas were touristy-type attractions.  Number one was "The High Roller," the world's newest (not to mention the tallest) Ferris wheel in the world, which currently resides in Caesars Entertainment's new hot spot, the Linq.

Number two was a slight surprise .... It seems that we've got some of our team that's intent on going to visit the "Zombie Apocalypse Store" in Las Vegas.  Now, we did a little piece on this place a year or so ago, but for those of you that may not have been aware that this store even exists, here's a little YouTube clip that chronicles the store and one of it's reps....

Biggest fears?  Zombies, floods, and "the government?"  OK, that says it all.

With the Zombie Apocalypse Store now in out rear-view mirror (thank goodness), we can now move on to our third and last suggestion for things to do and places to go to in Las Vegas -- SlotZilla.  

Now, we know what you're thinking.... It's something that you might see at some demo-derby at the local dirt track.  Nope -- "SlotZilla" is the latest thing to hit Downtown Las Vegas.  Fasten your seat belts -- SlotZilla is a ZIP-LINE ride that takes you right down into Downtown Vegas.  You KNOW we've got the footage for ya; Scott Roeben of strapped a helmet-cam on some poor, unsuspecting dude that was riding this thing for the first time.  Here's that first-person look at SlotZilla....

SlotZilla.  $20 / ride? OK, we're in.

Wow.  OK, we'll we can't move this past the High Roller into the #1 spot on our list, but someone tell the zombies to step aside.  This orange county casino night party company gives 12 big thumbs-up to something that might just make our strip-loving team wander downtown, next time we're out in Las Vegas.  (Ed. Note: This may sound weird, but our annual Aces Casino Christmas party is coming up, on June 27, in Las Vegas.  I'm guessing SlotZilla is on the menu.  Oh, and why June for a Christmas Party?  It's the only weekend we had open this year.  Hey - We're really busy over here.  It's the price of success.)  

That's all for now... Have a great weekend, and we'll see all six of you back here on Monday for another "scintillating and informative" piece in the Aces Casino Blog.  Aces OUT....

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