Monday, June 9, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: The Final Results Are In, And The Winner Of The First-Annual "Who's First - SkyVue vs. High Roller" Race Was... Not Even Close

We have a winner!

Actually, it appears that we HAD a winner in our 2013 "SkyVue v. High Roller" competition quite some time ago, but you know this orange county casino party company -- Aces Casino ALWAYS waits for the "official" designation on the tote board before paying off all winning tickets.

Now, for those of you that aren't quite up-to-speed on what the heck we're talking about, you can catch up on our past Aces Casino Blog entries on this "fierce" competition here, here, here - and  here. Go ahead, check out the Aces Casino Blog Archives.  We'll wait.

And remember, look out for "High Voltage," especially during public acts of affection.

OK, you up to speed, now?  Good... Now, we SHOULD have known that this battle for wheel supremacy was over when "Tiny The Tumbleweed" made his appearance in "support" of SkyVue (Ed. Note: Obviously, Scott Roeben, he of his super-blog "VitalVegas" knew the inside story here) , but hey, we'll always give the underdog the benefit of the doubt.

Until, of course that it's determined that the underdog had fleas.

Yeah, it's over.  The winner, by knockout in what turned out to be the 7th round of Aces Blog posts, and new champion of Ferris Wheel supremacy in Las Vegas --- The High Roller!

Missed on my ticket price prediction by ten bucks (It's $30/lap).

We love the part about an "optional bar" being rolled into your gondola for things like bachelor-ette parties.  Hey, who wouldn't pay $30 to ride in that bubble for a party like that?  Marketers from all over the globe will be creating proposals for the builders of this "world's tallest Ferris wheel" (Ed. Note: Please don't mention that term to the folks at Caesars Entertainment -- They hate it), which ended up costing about $500M to build.  Yeah, that's right.  Half-a-BILLION.

Wow.  OK, I'll pay the extra ten bucks to take a lap on that thing.  500 Mil?  Yeah, we can pony up the extra sawbuck for the High Roller.

Oh, hey, let's not forget our pseudo-challenger in this "Las Vegas Space Race," our buddies over at SkyVue.  Here, we've got a link to SkyVue's still-operating WebCam that shows the current state of the "World's Largest SlingShot" right here.  Also, those of you that want to take a shot at predicting what date that the SkyVue WebCam will go off line can enter through our website right here.

Seriously.  We're all about games of chance and contests over here at the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast.  So, come and play!  Just e-mail us the date that you think that someone over at SkyVue will wake up and kill that video feed, and if you have that exact date on your submission, you'll be automatically entered into our drawing to possibly win a trip to Las Vegas and join all of our Aces Casino Blog team as THEY ride the High Roller!  Come on, It's free.  We'll expect your e-mails!

That's all for now.  Get your WebCam "Ghoul-Pool" predictions in right away, and we'll see you on Thursday with another edition of our orange county casino party parakeet paper, the Aces Casino Blog.  Take care, see you then!

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