Monday, June 30, 2014

THe Aces Casino Blog Turns Four Years Old This Week, Mainly Because Of "Blast From The Past" Blog Entries Like This (Happy Birthday, TACB!)

(Ed. Note: Blow out the candles, you blog staffers out there, because the Aces Casino Blog has just turned four years old.   We know that we tend to blow our own casino party company horn around here, but It's for a good reason -- Simply that Aces Casino Entertainment CARES about not just OUR clients, but ALL casino party company clients. Here's just one of the very first blog entries that appeared almost four years ago that showed the commitment to excellence that this company takes pride in each and every day.  It's also one of the most searched blog posts in our industry, and for good reason.  Happy B-Day, "The Aces Casino Blog," now get back to work.)

Here at Aces Casino, the orange county casino night equipment rental leader, we take pride in giving each and every client of ours the most entertaining, unique, and imaginative casino night parties possible. It's just what we do. And, we do it VERY well. 17 years in the business means quite a lot of practice.

As a matter of fact, Aces ALSO does something that no other casino party company in the industry would EVER do: We also will go the extra mile to help out someone in dire straits that ISN'T a client of Aces Casino; some poor party coordinator or fund raising group that has found out too late that rock-bottom pricing and promises that are too good to be true usually are, and all their hard work to put on their party for their guests is going to be ruined by an unscrupulous casino "business."

There's nothing we hate more than hearing that an event has been ruined this way.

So, we were sitting around the offices the other day, when one such telephone call came in; someone that had called us originally, then found a "company" on the internet that beat our price by $25, and booked with them sight unseen, because of the "savings." Alas, you DO end up getting what you pay for. The company they ended up hiring didn't show up for their fund raiser, because (we found out later) they got another party from another client that PAID THEM more, and they ditched their first client so they could make more money for themselves.

Boy, we've grown SO incredibly tired of hearing results like this.

So, we thought, if we really ARE the orange county casino night industry leader, we need to do something about this. Hence, the meat of our blog post today. It seems that we we keep hearing the same three complaints from highly unsatisfied people and groups, people that were unhappy with the service from their "cut-rate" casino companies. So, it would seem totally logical to take these same three recurring complaints, and broadcast them to the casino party throwing community.

So, without further fanfare, here are three biggest complaints that event planners and fund raising chairs have, after they decided that saving an extra $25 was more important than going with Aces Casino, the orange county casino night industry leader for Southern California;

#3 -- The casino company's "Management, Pit Boss and Staff" don't have any clue about how to help their client

-- Usually, this particular situation DOES begin to show itself early on in the beginning itinerary meetings you'll have with your casino party company -- They don't have ANY suggestions on how to maximize profits at the fundraiser, how the fund raiser even WORKS, how much equipment that the client should have at their event to make sure that there isn't too much or too little casino power, what the chips are worth, how much chip power to start each guest with....Sometimes, we've found that the client knew more about the overall operations of the casino event than the CASINO COMPANY did.

If THIS is your casino company's staff, make a run for it.

Red Flag. Reputable casino party companies WELCOME all of your questions, and are FULL of great ideas and scenarios to help YOUR next party or fund raiser become an instant hit. Don't go with the cheapest company to save a buck, then end up losing money or killing the ambience of your event because you got a casino company that doesn't know what they're doing.

#2 -- The equipment that the casino company brought to the event was substandard, and not up to the quality promised by the casino company

-- This is a BIG one, but it's not even the number one problem with some disreputable casino companies. We can't say this enough: NOT ALL CASINO EQUIPMENT IS THE SAME. CHECK OUT what your casino party company plans to bring to your event. Ask for references, and USE them.

I wish I had $5 for every time that I heard a client tell us that their LAST casino company literally brought TOYS to their party, and pawned them off as "Casino tables." There are some companies out there that will literally show up with plywood sheets, and wrap cheap Blackjack layouts around them that are half the size of the size of normal BJ tables, fasten the layout on with tape, and put them on spindly cheap legs that wobble like hula dancers when touched.

Other companies will promise a Craps table at your event, then show up with a plywood box, a "tub," if you will, that's a miniature table at BEST, THEN tell you that you only purchased the "discounted model," and that the REAL casino size and quality Craps tables cost more. By THEN, it's too late; your party is about to start. You're stuck. Ask for pictures, or better yet, visit the casino company at an event that they're hosting for another client. If they refuse to give you this kind of info, RUN AWAY, as fast as you can.

But, the most blatant equipment problems that we've heard about seem to center around the Roulette tables. Two words. "TOYS ABOUND." You'll know that you got the wrong casino party company when they show up at your next event with a 12" plastic toy wheel, and call it a "Roulette Wheel." Friends, here's the straight dope -- Casino size and quality Roulette Wheels are 32 inches in diameter (from one end across to the other).

THIS is what the Roulette table should look like.

There's NOTHING worse than trying to play Roulette on a cheap, toy wheel. If they send you pictures of toy Roulette wheels upon request, find another company. Take it from Aces Casino; NEVER settle for toy tables at your casino event, especially toy Roulette tables. You want to see what the real things look like, go to

#1 -- The casino party game dealers are morons, and don't know a thing about the game they're dealing

Yes, as hard to believe as this sounds, there are disreputable casino companies that will just bring "bodies" to your event, and try to bluff their way through the games they've been assigned to. Sometimes, this happens because the casino company is just too busy for their own good, and have spread themselves too thin. Sometimes, they're just small companies that don't even ASK their staff if they can actually DEAL.

We've even heard of dealers that are brought to events, especially in Southern California, and they DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH. I'm not kidding. There's a company out here in SoCal that will stop off over at the local Home Depot on their way to their party, pick up the necessary people to fill their party, and off they go. Can you imagine not being able to even CONVERSE with your dealer during your party?

Other problems abound with sub-standard dealers, too. They don't know the game they've been assigned to. They can't help you with your game -- They're too busy asking YOU about how the game is played. Oh, my word.... Unfortunately, this happens all the time. There's nothing worse than playing casino-style games for fun only, and finding out the fun itself has been lost, because the dealers are IDIOTS, and can't deal games like Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, 3 Way-Action, Tournament Texas Hold-'Em, Craps, Roulette, or Let It Ride. They've got a better chance of piloting the Space Shuttle, then creating a split-pot at the Hold-'Em table.

Aces Casino has always prided itself on having top-flight casino-quality dealers, tables, and staff at each and every casino event they perform at. We're not the only company that does -- That's why, again, it's important to CHECK THOSE REFERENCES. Go and SEE your casino party company in action, at another event, see how the fund raising event works for THEM. Call your prospective company, and ask questions. LOTS of them. Hey, if they're any good, they WELCOME the questions.

Bottom line -- Aces Casino is here to help all of our clients have fun, and raise funds for their favorite charities. We aren't the orange county casino night leader for nuthin'. Give us (or your local casino party company) a call, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about how much fun these casino events can be.

Oh, one more thing -- Check out the casino company's chips. If they're plastic chips, run away. It's one of my personal pet-peeves. Can't stand plastic chips. If I wanted plastic, I'd go to Hollywood.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aces Casino Blog "Blast From The Not-So-Distant Past: Here Are 5 Semi-Historical Facts About Las Vegas That You May Not Have Known (Until Now)

(Ed. Note: While the Aces Blog team is off working on equipment renovation and new construction and design of brand new stuff, we'll give them a day off, and re-play one of our more popular Aces Casino Blog entries.  Don't worry, we'll do the Kardashians later, we promise...)

When you're known as the top orange county casino party company in SoCal, you had better know EVERYTHING about casino games.  Thankfully, the brass at Aces Casino DOES.  Now, possibly, their expertise in selecting authors to write their twice-weekly blog might be questioned, but, for now, I'll gladly accept the weekly $34.65 stipend for creating this published (?) train wreck, and cash the check, before someone gets wise.

Today's blog is a result of yours truly roaming the halls of Aces Casino, and asking the tough questions: #1, "do you know any really good trivia about the city of Las Vegas," and #2, "who stole my $16 pen?"  Well, I didn't get any nibbles on question #2, but as for the first query, yep, without question, there's no one group of casino party crazies that know more useless trivia than this team of orange county casino party nuts.  (I do have the greatest job in the world.)

So, without one more moment of hesitation (and before they can stop payment on the $34.65 check), here are the top 5 Aces Casino "gee whiz" facts about the city of Las Vegas.....

#1 -- Everyone knows (or thought they knew) that Ben Siegel's "Flamingo Hotel and Casino" was the first hotel / casino resort built in Vegas, in 1946.  Uhh, nope...Not true.  Actually, the very first hotel / casino in the city was built some five years earlier -- The El Rancho Vegas, a strip property, was built in 1941.  Goofy factoid:  This hotel burned to the ground 19 years later, in 1960.  Anyone that knew Siegel's whereabouts on that particular night is encouraged to call the LVPD cold-case division.

Flamingo Hotel, 1946. VERY cool. 

#2 -- When you officially leave California, and take the 15 freeway across the border into Nevada, there was a time that you used to refer to that area as "State Line, Nevada."  However, since 1996, that border area's name was officially changed to "Primm, Nevada," in honor of the area's founder, Ernest Primm.

 Ernest Primm. 

#3 -- There are some people that think that the MGM Grand Hotel at the corner of North Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue is NOT the largest hotel in the world...They're wrong.  It's still the boss of the planet, boasting a total of 5,005 rooms.  Word is they go thru about a million rolls of toilet paper a year there.  My wife must stay there when she's in town.  That woman can go thru GOBS of the stuff, believe me.

#4 -- Mormon settlers have always been given credit for discovering that vast plot of land know as Glitter Gulch, but actually, the Mormons, while receiving proper credit for setting up the first settlement in the city in 1855, were NOT the original group to discover  Las Vegas: Spanish explorers actually discovered Las Vegas some 26 years earlier, in 1829.   Guess they didn't want to stick around and wait for Siegel's hotel to open.  Can't blame 'em.

#5 -- It seems that a big part of Las Vegas' "history" is to seemingly erase it's past history:  every year or so, decisions are made to demolish one of the older hotels that made the city famous, in order to build something new, something"bigger and better." With that in mind, you'd best fasten our seat belt -- There are current discussions with one of the major hotel chains in the city (MGM Resorts) to actually knock down a hotel that is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  I kid you not.  It's called the Harmon....Seems the darned thing might have a few defects in it's initial foundation construction.  Translation: It probably wouldn't  still be there if an earthquake hit the city.

Hey, at least the ticker works.  DOES look like It's leaning, though.

Uhh, yeah, that's gonna be a problem.  I'm not staying in a new hotel that has signs on the wall requesting that the patrons not sneeze hard.  Here's the link to this amazing story.  Hey, at least MGM can save money on the demolition of the thing.  Sounds like a loud party might be all that's needed to raze that thing.  Someone's losing their job over THIS one.  I can't believe someone forgot the rebar....

Well, that's all for now, my friends.  Any possible last-minute casino events that our clients might be planning should book now with ol' Aces Casino -- Our orange county casino party crew loves going out of town on off weekends, but they'll be glad to stick around, should the need arise.   Should anyone need info about or is interested in booking their next casino party, give Aces Casino a call today.  Maybe, by then, I'll find my $16 pen.

(Ed. Note: I doubt it.  I brought it home with me last week.  You're right, it IS nice.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog "World Cup Special:" The Impact That World-Class Soccer Players Have On The Youth Of Tomorrow (No More TV For The Kids)

Without question, we here at Aces Casino (A.K.A. the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast) has caught a BAD case of "2014 World Cup Fever."  Every four years, fans from around the world get a chance to watch the best players on the planet play some serious world-class football for their respective countries.

If you haven't tried the World Cup, give it a shot.  It's tremendous.  They say it's the game that the whole world plays.  (Even us.)

So - To celebrate this once-every-4-years occurrence, the staff here at Aces Casino Entertainment would like to pay tribute to the World Cup tourney being held in Brazil.  And, what better way is there for the top orange county casino party company on the west coast to pull this off then by posting our favorite videos from the guys at YouTube that shows the spirit of competition that these finely-tuned players have exhibited in the June games?

Cool!  We thought you'd agree.  Here's one vid that we found that truly shows the impact that these players have among the youth of America when it comes to fair play.   Here's one toddler that looks like he's ready for big-time soccer.  He's already got the "flop" mastered....

World-Class Soccer Player In The Making.

That's all for now... As usual, we'll be back on Thursday with more or the irrelevant non-sense that our orange county casino party company is known for.  (Ed. Note: For the uninitiated, the Aces Casino Blog posts every Monday and Thursday, with extra-special posts like this one that appear when the need arises.)  Take care!  

P.S. -- We couldn't resist throwin' a zinger at those players that play the game, get touched by a finger, and fall to the ground like they've been shot by a shotgun blast.  Love the World Cup, HATE the floppers.  Rant over, we'll see you in 48 hours....

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: "It's All Fun And Games, Until Someone Gets Hurt" -- Here's The Other Side - Addiction And The Life Of The Compulsive Gambler

We think it may be time for "just one of those times."

We'd like to take the time to stray from our perch as the top entertainment tool in the casino night party industry for just a moment, and put aside our irreverent, goofy blog ideas for just one quick moment...We can ALWAYS be hokey, fun and goofy.

This isn't one of those times, however.

Make no mistake about it -- We love our position as the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, the company known as Aces Casino Entertainment.   We love bringing up one of our favorite sayings around here (Ed. Note: Besides the companies' motto of 'this beats working,' of course) -- "It's all fun and games at Aces Casino."  And, it quite frankly IS.  The chips are fake, the dealers are encouraged to cheat for the "players," and subsequently, a good time is had by all.  That's what Aces Casino is all about.

Unfortunately, we know full well just how much these "games of chance" that people love so much can quickly become an enemy of every man, woman and gambler that can't say "no" to the lure of what they feel is the ability to win that quick and easy buck.  There's no doubt about it -- Compulsive gambling is an addiction, just as strong or stronger than an addiction to smoking, to alcohol and hard drugs, and many other addictions that tear families apart and ruin lives.

Aces Casino Entertainment fully realizes this fact.  That's why we always tell our many clients up and down this west coast of ours that we make it look easy to beat these games when we cheat for the guests.  BUT... When the games are REAL, it's a whole new ball game.  We didn't get to be the top orange county casino night party company around by just playing games. We not only teach clients just how to play these games we love; we also teach them the systems of money management, patience and time management -- "To learn how and when to quit while you're ahead. 

Sometimes, hearing the sobering words from the people that have suffered the slings and arrows of compulsive gambling is the only way to get through to people that it CAN happen to anyone. So, we thought this might be a good time to stray away from our normal blog-foolishness, and tackle a task that can harm so many people from all ends of the spectrum.  We found this segment on the world of gambling addiction and the compulsive gambler a few days ago.  Check it out, courtesy of Aces Casino Entertainment -- Your orange county casino party company leader in the area of all things gaming.  We hope you like it, but what's more, we hope it tells a story that some people might need to hear.  It's pretty interesting we hear at Aces Casino hope you like it.

Addictions, and the compulsive gambler.

We'll be back on Thursday, with what we do best -- Looking at the lighter side of life, gaming, and all things in-between.  Take care, thanks for checking out the Aces Casino Blog, and we'll see you later!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Los Angeles Kings Fans Take To The Streets To Celebrate Their Second Stanley Cup - Anaheim Ducks Fans Still Reeling From Loss

The Los Angeles Kings won their second Stanley Cup on Saturday, beating the New York Rangers in five games.  Here's how the fans celebrated in the streets of L.A. at the parade held in honor of the team's accomplishment...

Cup #2.  Life as a Kings fan is good.

Unfortunately, our friends down at Honda Center aren't handling the Kings' good fortune very well.  Headline: "Unhappy Anaheim Ducks fans leave Honda Center en masse after Kings win Game 7 in blowout!"  Here's exclusive footage, found only here at the Aces Casino Blog.

Ducks' fans taking the loss hard.

That's all for now...Back on Monday with more from the top orange county casino party company on the west coast (and home of some of the biggest L.A. Kings' fans around) -- Aces Casino Entertainment!

The Aces Casino Blog: We Would Be Remiss If We Didn't Post This Fascinating National Geographic Documentary on "Casino Wars." (Yes, War IS Hell.)

At Aces Casino Entertainment, we love ALL things "Las Vegas." (Ed. Note: Except maybe that "Flipping Vegas" show with Scott Yancey, but we've grown to love HIM, too.)  So, when we found out that a production group the like of National Geographic had recently done a very well-done piece on the current "Casino Wars" going on in corporate Las Vegas, well, we HAD to see it.

It's very good... Good enough for our orange county casino party company to instantly provide a link to the piece, and share it with our many (5?) viewers here on The Aces Casino Blog.  Here it is, courtesy of the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast - Aces Casino Entertainment.  Enjoy!

 "Casino Wars."

Hope you enjoyed this NatGeo look at the state of things in the casino world of Las Vegas.  Have a good weekend, and we'll see you back here next Monday with another parakeet paper-worthy piece of cyber-prose from The Aces Casino Blog!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: We Never Thought That The Word "The" Could Cause Such a Commotion In Cyberspace. (And, As Usual, We Were Dead Wrong.)

Aces Casino Entertainment just celebrated it's 20th year in the orange county casino party business last week, and we are so proud of our reputation in our chosen field, and our non-stop commitment to excellence that Aces Casino brings to each and every event that we've done over these last two decades.  It shows our pride and extensive knowledge that we bring to everything we do here.

Well, NEARLY everything we do here.

It seems that there's one area of expertise that has escaped us from time to time, an area that has nothing to do with the BUSINESS side of our multiple award-winning orange county casino night party company.   High-End, lavish, wonderful Las Vegas Night Events, we know.

It's Cyberspace, that we're still a little hazy on.

Sigh... It's official.  We're "dummies."  I still don't get it.

First off, there's good news here..... Early on, we scoured southern California for the best IT company in the business to handle our web marketing via the internet and social media. And, we found that company right away -- Rich Stark, of Stark Logic in Oceanside.  Now, we're not doing this Aces Casino Blog article to throw out commercials, but since we've mentioned Rich, we MUST say to anyone that's interested that he and his team IS, without question, the BEST Information Technology company that money can buy.

Rich is, and had always been fantastic.  But, OUR ability as being tech-savvy?  Ummm, not so good.

Now, Rich tried so very hard to teach us what to do with social media, with IT, and especially the value of Aces Casino Entertainment providing a twice-weekly blog like our parakeet paper, the Aces Casino Blog.  He has taught us everything we know. 

Which, unfortunately, still ain't much.

That brings us to present day, and something that happened about a month or so ago.  We were notified that our Aces Casino Blog domain name needed to be renewed, which turned out to be tougher than we thought.  We were met with countless obstacles in trying to get to the right place to actually pay the money and renew the blog domain, with no luck.  (Ed. Note: It had something to do with changing their system, but I couldn't figure it out, either.)  Rich did his best to tell us where to go and what to do, but we ended up in cyberspace Hades with links that kept telling us to click here, click there... It was an endless loop that got us nowhere.

Alas, the expiration date came and went.  Our dumb little Blog link failed to renew.

So... We figured that, with the domain expiring, we could just go onto the king of domain site sellers, "," and buy it there.  Surely, we'd be the only one interested in having the "Aces Casino Blog" name.  So, we went onto GoDaddy, and found out something interesting.....

Someone else got into the site before we did, and snapped up our domain name. 

I guess that, in the domain name biz, that some sites can appear to be worth some bucks, because of the traffic the sites get.  Now, when it comes to our blog, we thought the domain name would be worth about $.03, considering our "terrific" content.

Wrong again.... Unfortunately, we were the victim of two things -- 1) Our success in creating this goofy blog that has a lot of followers, and 2) Our lack of knowledge at finding and renewing the dopey domain name in the first place.

Well, sure enough, the new buyer of the domain name contacted us, and asked if we'd like to buy the domain name from him.  Now, you may think that we'd be ticked off, or saddened, or whatever.... Nope.  We were pleasantly surprised that this fine gentleman thought so highly of our domain name, that he'd sell it back to us for some five-figure amount. 

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know our owners very well.  They immediately went back into GoDaddy, bought the domain name "The Aces Casino," and told the profit-hunting gentleman that our blog wasn't WORTH $20K, and that we had already purchased the domain name we wanted in the first place.

Now, when we heard that the old domain site was worth that much to someone, we thought that it was time to "strike while the iron was hot."  We told the bosses that our Aces Casino Blog Crew had created this baby from scratch, and over these many years of toiling at the keyboard, had turned the Aces Casino Blog into a real moneymaker.  It was time for a raise, we thought.

Until these same bosses told us that it was OUR fault that we LOST the dumb domain name in the first place, and now, we had to pick up the pieces, actually LEARN a little bit about cyberspace, and consider ourselves lucky that we still HAD a job writing the Aces Blog.

Make that TWO things we weren't very good at -- Cyberspace, and Deal negotiating.  It's a good thing we know that orange county casino party business like no one else on the planet, or we'd be in trouble.  Craps table good, keyboard not-so-good....

Well, all's well that ends well.  "The Aces Casino Blog" is back up and running just like clockwork, the links all work fine, the traffic is back, and our new domain name is easy to interface with, and renew. 

That's all for now... We'll (hopefully) be back on Thursday with another edition of the "Blog."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Looking For a New Challenge in Zip-Lining? Check Out The Newest Tourist Attraction to Hit Downtown Las Vegas -- "SlotZilla!"

When the staff at Aces Casino Entertainment (The top orange county casino party company on the west coast) was asked about what they had heard was new to the Las Vegas scene, we expected to get responses about new hotels, the latest in the crazy Vegas nightclub scene, or some new casino games they had heard of but not yet played. 


It seems that most of the suggestions for the latest things that needed to be checked out the next time our team was heading to Las Vegas were touristy-type attractions.  Number one was "The High Roller," the world's newest (not to mention the tallest) Ferris wheel in the world, which currently resides in Caesars Entertainment's new hot spot, the Linq.

Number two was a slight surprise .... It seems that we've got some of our team that's intent on going to visit the "Zombie Apocalypse Store" in Las Vegas.  Now, we did a little piece on this place a year or so ago, but for those of you that may not have been aware that this store even exists, here's a little YouTube clip that chronicles the store and one of it's reps....

Biggest fears?  Zombies, floods, and "the government?"  OK, that says it all.

With the Zombie Apocalypse Store now in out rear-view mirror (thank goodness), we can now move on to our third and last suggestion for things to do and places to go to in Las Vegas -- SlotZilla.  

Now, we know what you're thinking.... It's something that you might see at some demo-derby at the local dirt track.  Nope -- "SlotZilla" is the latest thing to hit Downtown Las Vegas.  Fasten your seat belts -- SlotZilla is a ZIP-LINE ride that takes you right down into Downtown Vegas.  You KNOW we've got the footage for ya; Scott Roeben of strapped a helmet-cam on some poor, unsuspecting dude that was riding this thing for the first time.  Here's that first-person look at SlotZilla....

SlotZilla.  $20 / ride? OK, we're in.

Wow.  OK, we'll we can't move this past the High Roller into the #1 spot on our list, but someone tell the zombies to step aside.  This orange county casino night party company gives 12 big thumbs-up to something that might just make our strip-loving team wander downtown, next time we're out in Las Vegas.  (Ed. Note: This may sound weird, but our annual Aces Casino Christmas party is coming up, on June 27, in Las Vegas.  I'm guessing SlotZilla is on the menu.  Oh, and why June for a Christmas Party?  It's the only weekend we had open this year.  Hey - We're really busy over here.  It's the price of success.)  

That's all for now... Have a great weekend, and we'll see all six of you back here on Monday for another "scintillating and informative" piece in the Aces Casino Blog.  Aces OUT....

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: The Final Results Are In, And The Winner Of The First-Annual "Who's First - SkyVue vs. High Roller" Race Was... Not Even Close

We have a winner!

Actually, it appears that we HAD a winner in our 2013 "SkyVue v. High Roller" competition quite some time ago, but you know this orange county casino party company -- Aces Casino ALWAYS waits for the "official" designation on the tote board before paying off all winning tickets.

Now, for those of you that aren't quite up-to-speed on what the heck we're talking about, you can catch up on our past Aces Casino Blog entries on this "fierce" competition here, here, here - and  here. Go ahead, check out the Aces Casino Blog Archives.  We'll wait.

And remember, look out for "High Voltage," especially during public acts of affection.

OK, you up to speed, now?  Good... Now, we SHOULD have known that this battle for wheel supremacy was over when "Tiny The Tumbleweed" made his appearance in "support" of SkyVue (Ed. Note: Obviously, Scott Roeben, he of his super-blog "VitalVegas" knew the inside story here) , but hey, we'll always give the underdog the benefit of the doubt.

Until, of course that it's determined that the underdog had fleas.

Yeah, it's over.  The winner, by knockout in what turned out to be the 7th round of Aces Blog posts, and new champion of Ferris Wheel supremacy in Las Vegas --- The High Roller!

Missed on my ticket price prediction by ten bucks (It's $30/lap).

We love the part about an "optional bar" being rolled into your gondola for things like bachelor-ette parties.  Hey, who wouldn't pay $30 to ride in that bubble for a party like that?  Marketers from all over the globe will be creating proposals for the builders of this "world's tallest Ferris wheel" (Ed. Note: Please don't mention that term to the folks at Caesars Entertainment -- They hate it), which ended up costing about $500M to build.  Yeah, that's right.  Half-a-BILLION.

Wow.  OK, I'll pay the extra ten bucks to take a lap on that thing.  500 Mil?  Yeah, we can pony up the extra sawbuck for the High Roller.

Oh, hey, let's not forget our pseudo-challenger in this "Las Vegas Space Race," our buddies over at SkyVue.  Here, we've got a link to SkyVue's still-operating WebCam that shows the current state of the "World's Largest SlingShot" right here.  Also, those of you that want to take a shot at predicting what date that the SkyVue WebCam will go off line can enter through our website right here.

Seriously.  We're all about games of chance and contests over here at the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast.  So, come and play!  Just e-mail us the date that you think that someone over at SkyVue will wake up and kill that video feed, and if you have that exact date on your submission, you'll be automatically entered into our drawing to possibly win a trip to Las Vegas and join all of our Aces Casino Blog team as THEY ride the High Roller!  Come on, It's free.  We'll expect your e-mails!

That's all for now.  Get your WebCam "Ghoul-Pool" predictions in right away, and we'll see you on Thursday with another edition of our orange county casino party parakeet paper, the Aces Casino Blog.  Take care, see you then!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog" Anyone Up For a Little War? Then Suit Up - It's Time To Show Off The Winner Of The 2013 'New Table Games' Award -- War Blackjack!

I have to admit it... When I saw the name of 2013's "New Casino Table Games Award," I was thinking to myself, "What, were there only 2 entries?"  And, as usual, I was premature in my analysis of what turned out to be a pretty interesting "cross-breeding" of two of Las Vegas' favorite table games -- War, and Blackjack.  Simple in It's design, but fun to take on, the time has come to introduce the latest soon-to-be craze at a casino pit near you -- "War Blackjack."

 "War Blackjack," the brainchild of Garry Hamud of War Blackjack, Inc., shows that you don't need to create something so confusing that rocket scientists shake their heads in amazement on how complex some new games have been.  War Blackjack led a field of 25 entrants in the 2013 Table Games Conference "New Games" Series, and for good reason.

It's FUN!

This new game also won the 2014 Aces Casino Blog "Why Didn't I Think Of That" award, and for good reason.  We can see this particular game making it's way onto this orange county casino party company gaming floor VERY soon, for two reasons -- 1) It's easy to learn, and 2) It's SO easy to learn. Here's a little snippet of info on this simplistic new entrant into the casino gaming industry.

OK, so it says "combing, not "combining."  Keep the game, fire the guy that wrote the script.

Our kudos to Garry and his staff for creating a pretty cool game that we're sure will make it's way onto the list of games available at our orange county casino night party crew VERY soon.  (Ed. Note: We've got $5 that says Garry fixes that spelling glitch in his YouTube fluff piece in the next 72 hours.)  That's all for now... Next up -- It's time for the Aces Casino Blog to recognize the winner in our famous "SkyVue v. High Roller" competition.  We'll see you on Monday with those not-so-surprising results!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Those Gamers Looking For a Tweak In The Way Roulette Is Played May Have Just Found It Here With The New "Riverboat Roulette!"

If there's ONE thing that this crazy bunch of orange county casino party company crazies LOVE, It's new casino games.  And, just like clockwork, every year at about this time, a company called BNP puts on their annual "Tables Games Conference," where table game designers from far and wide are given the chance to show off their new creations in front of a very prestigious and high-octane group of casino execs that are more than willing to give their new product a test drive.

This year, the game that stood out to us here at Aces Casino (those orange county casino night guys) was a game that we had been waiting for, for a VERY long time -- A game that put quite a twist on the time-honored game of Roulette, something called "Riverboat Roulette." 

This game was first brought to our attention from none other than the man behind our favorite "Las Vegas-Flavored" blog, Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas.  You can check out his report on this colorful take on the "Wheel Of Fortune" (Ed. Note:Tell Merv Griffin that his royalty payment is in the mail)  here.  It's the brainchild of the folks over at Double Luck Gaming Company, and we applaud them for their effort, especially since the game is now "being spread" at the Golden Gate Casino in Downtown Las Vegas.

Not your Grandpa's Roulette, but, then again, Grampa wasn't much of a gambler.

Riverboat Roulette won second prize in the "New Table Games" Division (Ed. Note: First place went to a game called "War Blackjack," a game we'll look at later on), and is just what the doctor ordered to spruce up what some might feel is a table game worth sprucin' up.

"31, Black, Odd and Yellow."  Oh, and there's blue AND teal, too.  Don't ask.

Below this Aces Casino Blog entry is a YouTube video that takes an in-depth look at "Riverboat Roulette," which shows the multitude of plays and combinations available.  If anyone wanders "Downtown" and gives this game a shot, please let us know (Ed. Note: Unless they're looking for casino chip reimbursement.  That's handled at our sister location in the Caribbean).  We'd love to hear how it went!  Next up in the Blog on Thursday, we look at the 1st-place winner at the Table Games Conference -- "War Blackjack."  We'll see you then!

The Aces Casino Blog: Here's The "Sneal Preview" We Promised That Shows The Brand New Game Of "Riverboat Roulette." (Just As We Promised.)

We here at the top orange county casino night party company on the west coast (Aces Casino for short) would be VERY interested in our readers' views on Riverboat Roulette, a game that WE consider a viable option to the game's traditional setup.  Check out this vid, and tell us what you think... Our e-mail contact info can be found right here.  Enjoy!