Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: New Game Equipment Being Built For Events In Late May? Don't Worry, We've Got James Bond On The Case... "Shaken, Not Stirred."

Deep down inside, everybody wants one of those "James Bond" moments.  Recently, the Aces Casino offices were abuzz with the chatter that the company was building some brand new equipment for the 2014 summer season, but was keeping the situation really hush-hush.   Something about some big unveiling at an event "later this month."

Hmmmm... What would James Bond do in a situation like this... Easy.  He'd grab his camera, and go over to the facility that's doing all this supposed "work."

With the assistance of our channeling of our "inner-007," we were successful in sneaking into the Aces Casino construction site that's currently working on the new "Red Craps" tables yesterday.  Hey -- We HAD to go and take a look over at the Aces construction and design center, just to make sure that the top orange county casino party company on the west coast wasn't "fibbing" when we heard the gossip that the new tables will be ready to go later this month.

Mission accomplished.  The Aces Casino Blog strikes again.  Hard-Hitting news, I tell ya.

Against the company's wishes, we snapped a candid picture of one of the tables as the building crew was away for a coffee break.... Looks like all they need to do is attach the side rails and pyramid rubber, and they'll be ready to go. 


We chatted with the lead at the construction site after he caught me snappin' the photo, and he told me that these babies will be appearing at an event in Beverly Hills in three days.  (Ed. Note: Now we know where you were when we were looking for you to help us move the filing cabinet.  Don't worry, we left it for you to do later today.)  

Without question, we'll take our camera to that event, and get some pics with the lights on, and the event in full swing.  To that end, we'll post whatever we can get (pictures and/or video) on our blog next Monday or Tuesday.  We can hardly wait to see these beauties of the dice world fully assembled and in use.  Stay tuned, we'll be back with the orange county casino night happenings next week....

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