Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Aces Casino Blog: Today Marks a Milestone In The History of SkyVue -- Day 100 Of The Scaffolding Coming Down Off Of "The World's Largest Slingshot"

Never let it be said that Aces Casino Entertainment doesn't keep up with what's trending in our industry.  Recently, one of our faves in this area, courtesy of the top orange county casino party company on the west coast, has been the continuing saga of the oft-maligned "second banana" of the Las Vegas "Ferris Wheel Race," also known as the SkyVue Observation Wheel.

You remember THAT wheel, right?  That's the one that "Tiny The Tumbleweed" (of www.VitalVegas.com fame) made famous.  Well, today marks a milestone in the history of the SkyVue Observation Wheel.

Today is "Day 100" of the scaffolding surrounding the two pillars of what we're now calling the "World's :Largest Slingshot" being removed.  (Ed. Note: We LOVE the quote that writer Ed Komenda got in the piece he did regarding this scaffolding removal - “We continue to work on SkyVue, however, we have no news to report at this time,” David Gaffin, a SkyVue developer, wrote in an email. “The scaffolding is not needed at this time.”  (Ed. Note: You can find the link to that story from the Las Vegas Sun here.)

Boy, you can say THAT again, David.  It doesn't look like ANYTHING is needed.

It looks like this out there, minus the scaffolding.  (One pillar is square, the other, round?)

Now, in a related matter, we've found yet another story that we find interesting, when it comes to the SkyVue "pillars" -- The SkyVue WebCam site is still up and running, a WebCam that is chronicling  the non-working at the job site.  We like visiting this site every day, for one simple reason -- So we can see how the weather is out in Las Vegas.  Anyone interested in checking out the weather in Vegas can also use this "informative" WebCam link right here.  Check it out, it's a nice day in Glitter Gulch today.

Now, also, another bit of news -- We've got a pool going over here at Aces Casino, the west coast leader in orange county casino night parties.  Everyone has bought in, and is trying to predict the actual date that the SkyVue WebCam is going to go down, never to return.  Anybody that's interested in getting into our pool is more than welcome.  Just e-mail us the day that you predict that Cam going down, and you can win a $250 AMEX Gift Card.  Make that guess good, you only get one guess.  Closet one wins.

That's all for now.... We'll be back on Thursday with another look at one of the many casino game practice sites that we've found over the years that players can fine-tune their games play on.  Sharpen up that card counting, Blackjack will kick off our May 2014 "Casino Game Trainer" series.  See you then!

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